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We moved to a NEW Location: 45 Weatherbee Road, Suite 404,Mira Road, NS B1M0A1


3D Ultrasound | 4D Ultrasound - UC BABY - Sydney, Nova Scotia Experience the Best elective pregnancy service at our UC Baby® 3D Ultrasound Sydney centre.

Everything at our UC Baby® 3D ultrasound clinic in Sydney is simply designed for mother’s comfort and relaxation. We follow the best standards at our clinic when it comes to creating incredible images of your baby in the womb.

You and you baby deserve the very best at your magical pregnancy and the UC Baby®  3D ultrasound center in Sydney can add incredible experience to your pregnancy. UC Baby® is the number one choice for expectant mothers looking for high-quality ultrasounds in Cape Breton.

We are accessible and conveniently located at 45 Weatherbee Road, Suite 404, Mira Road, NS B1M0A1

Our Ultrasound Packages

  • 3D/4D ultrasound session
  • Gender Reveal, upon request
  • Watching baby's activities
  • Listen to baby's heartbeats
  • Face and body scan
  • 3D Images in a secure client online account
  • Printed 4 x 6 photo
  • FREE Live Broadcasting
  • FREE Repeat session
  • FREE Video-on-Demand

  • BRONZE PACKAGE Watch movements, find out the gender and get a picture. It is a very special moment to cherish.
  • $129
  • 15 minute scan
  • 1 printed photo
  • If Gender cannot be determined at the initial session.
  • Find closest clinic

  • SILVER PACKAGE Capture, enjoy and share this unique, real-time experience of the baby growing inside you.
  • $175
  • 30 minute scan
  • 2 printed photos
  • If Gender cannot be determined and/or Face is hidden at the initial session.
  • with purchase of USB
  • Find closest clinic

  • GOLDEN PACKAGE Witness the development of your baby at two stages. Once at 20-25wks and again at 25-32wks.
  • $299
  • 2 x 30 minute scans
  • 2 printed photos for each visit
  • If Gender cannot be determined and/or Face is hidden at the initial session.
  • with purchase of USB
  • Find closest clinic

Build Your Own Package

*USB and photos can only be purchased with a 3D ultrasound session.

Ultimate Package (Gender + Silver)
20 minute ultrasound session (no gender det.)
30 minute ultrasound session (no gender det.)
Baby's Gender Reveal (5-10 mins.)
Sneak Peek (12-16 weeks, 2D scan)
3D Pictures/Video on USB (purchase w/ 3D Package)
Fetal Position Scan

Printed 4×6 photo (purchase w/ 3D Package)
Video on Demand (w/purchase of USB)
Video on Demand
Heartbeat Bear (with ultrasound session)
Heartbeat Bear (with no recording)
Heartbeat Bear (without ultrasound session)
Heartbeat Waveform Recording

UC Baby® Sydney offers you very special experience with the features such as:

  • Ultrasonic Gender Determination Test
    If you want to know the gender of your baby in advance, UC Baby®Sydney can provide you with correct results.

  • Video on Demand
    Our Video on Demand services allow you to watch the full video of your session taken at our 3D ultrasound lab at any time you want according to your own convenience.

  • Live Broadcast
    This features invites your relatives and friends to your session with using internet connection.

  • Heartbeat Bears®
    Our popular Heartbeat Bears are the most desirable keepsakes for expectant families, we record your baby's heartbeats and you can listen anywhere, anytime.

  • UC Baby® gift certificates
    This gift can help mothers to capture precious moments at UC Baby®  Sydney.

Our Unparalleled Quality & Service

  1. 1
    UC Baby® Sydney, Nova Scotia – Letting You Share the Experience

    We understand pregnancy is the very special time of your life and you are eager to share it with all the people who are close to you. This is why we allow you to bring up to 8 guests with you at our 3D ultrasound facility for your sessions while 8 more guests can watch your ultrasound scans online via our Live Broadcasting services.

  2. 2
    Get the Leading-Edge High Quality 4D Ultrasounds in Sydney, Nova Scotia

    In Sydney, we are the first ultrasound lab offering 4D baby ultrasound services to provide you with an experience that you will never forget. UC Baby® 4D ultrasounds will show your babies activities in real time so that you can see the first glimpse of your baby.

  3. 3
    Your satisfaction is our Priority

    UC Baby® 3D Ultrasound clinic in Sydney is designed by, Dr. Tina Ureten who has more than 25 years of imaging experience in the medical field. She reviews all our scans on a regular basis and provides training to our technicians regarding the use of best 3D ultrasound technologies. We offer customer focused service in a timely manner. Your experience with UC Baby®’s unique ultrasound service is completely different than medical ultrasounds. You and your family’s satisfaction with our ultrasound is the most important aspect of our service.