Testimonials from UC Baby clients


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    We are the first & original 3D company in Canada, biggest one in the world!

    Being the original, our service is always imitated, but never duplicated. As proof of the quality of our services, we use only use our own client’s approved pictures on our marketing materials.

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    Years of Medical Training and Experience you can Trust

    The founder / president  is a medical doctor with 30 year of experience in the field, scanned more than 200,000 babies so far and still counting. Our UC Baby® team is comprised of 15 internationally trained medical doctors working as our technicians, 6 of them obstetricians, 2 of them pediatricians and 2 radiologists.

  3. 3
    Uses the most advanced technology available to date

    We understand how celebrating life’s miracle is important to families.  We make that possible for our clients by offering FREE Live Broadcasting with our packages.  Families and friends can share in the experience by watching the live broadcast on computers or mobile anywhere in the world. We also offer FREE Video-on-Demand services for those who want to save that precious child-bonding moment by purchasing a recording of the ultrasound session on DVD.