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OMG so incredible 3D ultrasound experience! I really love it! Everything clean, modern and beautiful! Please don't forget to order the Heartbeat Bear! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 23 April 2017)

Our ultrasound tech fantastic. She did everything she could to get our little girl to move so we could see her face. Juice and chocolate helped to some degree! Baby was so stubborn though. Definitely would recommend this UC BABY 3d ultrasound service! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 19 Sept 2016)

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We went to the UC Baby Hamilton today. We got to see our gorgeous baby before we can finally hold her. And we are so glad about the experience we had. The staff are so amazing as well as the sonographer who is so nice. We are satisfied with their service, and we highly recommend them. - (Google Review | 6 September 2021)

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Was it worth it? Omg, yes!! It was definitely something we would do again. We loved and enjoyed every second and it allowed us to see our little baby properly formed for the first time. Their hands, feet and little face all of their features in so much detail, it was amazing." (April 8, 2016 | Blog post link)

Shannon R. UC Baby Edmonton

For first-time parents, my husband and I had a great experience at UC BABY 3D Ultrasound in Richmond few days ago. We decided to go with Silver Package, and glad we did it! Our technician was super nice and patient. She took her time to explain the body parts of our little one, and it was such a pleasure that she tried her best to get good view/shots of our baby girl's face. I would highly recommend getting a 3D Ultrasound as you are anxiously waiting closer to the due date, it will enlighten your heart to see how your little one looks like and is doing inside your tummy. Aside from a great service, the room can definitely accommodate your family and friends (comfortably). I won't hesitate to refer my friends to go to UC Baby 3D Ultrasound in Richmond! - (Website Testimonial Submission | 12 June 2017)

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What a wonderful experience! Showed up early and was able to get started right away. The lady was very friendly and happy to be sharing this special moment with us. The ultrasound was incredible and all around an amazing experience! My parents had no troubles streaming the ultrasound live from home which was such a cool feature! Reasonably priced and even included samples at the end. Would definitely recommend UC Baby. - (Facebook Review | 13 February 2020)

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We had the best experience at UC Baby in Winnipeg. The facility was clean and the staff were so welcoming and fun. They accommodated our request to keep the results a secret and we loved our visit. I would highly recommend them to everyone. (June 30, 2014)

Kasandra L. UC Baby Winnipeg
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I had an ABSOLUTELY amazing experience! Our tech was the sweetest and made us feel so comfortable. Our son was the perfect client and did so well in our session. Thank you UC BABY for an awesome experience! - (Facebook Review | 11 February 2021)

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My husband and I visited this place for the first time. We had a wonderful experience. The staff is very helpful and supportive. You will find the place super comfy, clean and surrounded by a positive environment with an incredible customer service. Also, the ultrasound tech explained every detail about our baby. We were able to watch the baby clearly on the screens, the ultrasound machines look brand new, and the room is spacious enough to feel comfortable with. - (Google Review | Oct 2019)

My husband and I just went for an ultrasound at UC BABY in Edmonton. Our technician was absolutely AMAZING! The experience was unforgettable and with her skill and love of her job,she made it that much better. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone and everyone! The price is minimal in comparison to the product you receive. We are so happy we had this done and would definitely have it done again for any future children. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 27 Oct 2015)