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I had the sweetest experience seeing my daughter for the first time in 3D/4D. They were efficient and very accommodating, made us feel so comfortable. Reasonably priced and worth every penny! (July 23, 2015)

MJ Retumalta UC Baby Winnipeg

Second time at this location for a 3D ultrasound. Great experience even though baby did not want to co-operate with us, ultrasound tech did everything she could to get us some really great pictures of our baby. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 15 Feb 2018)

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Had my ultrasound today in UC Baby Regina and it was amazing! The tech was fantastic and it was a great, comfortable environment. Being able to see our little girl move around and find out the gender was great. Such a wonderful and exciting session! (June 5, 2015 | Website submission)

Amazing experience!! Tech was lovely and clean peaceful setting! Definitely recommend this place! --Facebook Review | October 21 2017

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I just had my 3D ultrasound with UC Baby Newmarket. I was so thrilled to have won the Bronze Package. We wanted to confirm the gender of our baby, but we got to experience so much more. The tech was so patient when our little one wanted to snuggle and play with her hands more than she wanted to show her face. It was amazing to see our baby in action and made me more excited to meet her. Thank you UC Baby, it was truly an experience that me and my family enjoyed. Will definitely recommend you for any friends who are looking into 3D ultrasounds. – (Facebook Review | Sept 8, 2019)

I visited UCBABY WHITBY to see my granddaughter. I saw her in black and white, 3D and HD LIVE. What a nice experience. What a cozy atmosphere. What friendly and nice staff. I recommend this location to everyone who wants their experience a unique and special one. 5 stars! -- Google Review | Nov 2017

Today was a great expierence for me and my family, we had lots of laughs. The room is beautifully set up, and I feel that our 3d ultrasound technician really knows her stuff. She put classical music on and there were 3 screens to see the baby. She was able to tell us the gender and we got to see my child smile. Thanks for making our day unforgettable. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 27 July 2017)

We were questioning whether or not to get the 3D/4D ultrasound with our second daughter, but we decided to go ahead. We chose UC BABY as the cost was quite reasonable and they were able to accommodate our last-minute appointment. We really appreciated their cordial manner and flexibility. The images were really good quality - we were surprised as the ultrasound place we went to 12 weeks before clearly had inferior equipment as their pictures were not nearly as clean and crisp. The UC BABY tech was able to use contrasting techniques to really show the features of our daughter (at 28 weeks gestation). UC BABY gave us a great viewing experience and great keepsake photos. We would definitely go back! - (Google Review | August 2018)

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I am truly happy i found UC Baby. The place itself is beautiful, peaceful and the technicians are very accomodating, friendly and super professional. I've Been there for my baby's Ultrasound about 4 times and just about to schedule my last one at 36 weeks. I feel so happy every time i go there. They make me feel super special. Love love this place a lot. Highly recommended. (Sept 9, 2015 | Website submission)

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It was a great experience. It was worth it to do Silver Package to see my little one early. I was contacted right away for them to booked me a schedule. Highly recommended. Very friendly and nice staff she answered all my questions very wonderful service. Thank you! - (Google Review | Nov 2019)