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The staff and service are amazing! I went twice with this pregnancy, for gender determination and to see my baby's face later on in the pregnancy and the staff were amazing from start to finish! They help you pick the package that is best for you and they are so kind from start to finish! I will definitely go back with my next pregnancy and I highly recommend them. - (Website Testimonial Submission | 4 Dec 2016)

I had a 20 week ultrasound done This is my 2nd pregnancy. It was a pleasant experience at UC BABY. The sonographer was wonderful she took her time with us and she was experienced and delightful. I would definitely go back if I had a 3rd child and I would recommend UC BABY! -(Website Testimonial Submission | 31 Aug 2016)

Great experience! The first visit, our baby wasn't cooperating and the tech was very patient and gave many opportunities for us to see. Since the baby kept covering his face, UC BABY offered a second visit on the house and it was perfect! Thanks UC BABY! 5 stars! - (Google Review | 27 March 2017)

I hade one done in 2015 for my son it was the best experience ever. i went twice to see the diff betwen 18 week and 24 week it was amazing. I got Heartbeat Bear, 2 dvd, 2 cd (1 of each session) and im glad I went. I lost my boy at 38 week stillborn and now it's only memory i have of him alive on the dvd n photos so thanks god UC BABY exist .... I am pregnant again and im going again in a few weeks for this baby to make sure I'll have memory if something happened to this baby too ..... the staff are amazing, i love them very friendly. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 27 July 2016)

We had an amazing experience at UC BABY in St. Johns! We were told that we may not get a clear picture as our baby was only 20 weeks at the time but that wasn't the case at all, we got a beautiful photo that was very clear! So thankful for UC BABY! -(Facebook Review | 9 June 2017)

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When we were pregnant with our 2nd child we went to UC Baby and the experience was overpowering. However all of our family was able to watch our little miracle from home, thanks to the technology at UC Baby. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! We bought the DVD, the CD of pictures and the Heartbeat Bear (something that we can treasure forever). Thank you UC Baby for giving us the chance of experiencing our miracle up close in 3D 🙂

Melissa S.

The staff were amazing and very accommodating! I've never been interested in the 3D ultrasound, didn't see the point... so my initial reason for going was to find out the gender because I couldn't wait. However after experiencing the whole thing I'm in awe of what they do. My baby was shy and still too small that the sonographer couldn't give us a very good look at our baby's face, but that didn't stop her from trying and she did a good job with what she had to work with! The Heartbeat Bear and the USB is also a nice touch ! It's how we told our first born that he was having a baby brother. (Not that he really understands at 2 :p but makes a good photo memory). So, in the end I went from a non believer in the whole 3D experience to a OMG EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO EXPERIENCE THIS! It's breathtaking and a great bounding experience with ur spouse and ur new bundle of joy. - (Facebook Review | 15 July 2015)

It was a great experience! Very nice and welcoming staff! I was surprised that I did not have to wait. The technician did all her best to capture baby's face. I left with a bag full of brochures and small gifts. It was nice!

Renata S. UC Baby Montreal

My wife and I were here yesterday morning and had a pleasant experience. Booking the appointment over the phone was easy, and they were flexible with appointment times. Staff was super friendly and the technician did a great job. We opted for the silver package. They threw in a few extra freebies (baby supplies), which are always great to help you figure out what you need (especially since it's our first). My wife was provided with paper towels to wipe the gel off once finished. The technician captured 74 images. As long as I get several good ones out of all those, I'm happy. All in all, great experience. Will definitely be back for all of our future 3D Ultrasounds. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 11 June 2017)

Today my family and I went to UC BABY to see a glimpse of our baby girl for the first time. What an amazing experience it was! We were treated wonderfully by the staff at UC BABY and had the most wonderful experience. During our 3D ultrasound, we were able to see our baby's face and all of her little details, fingers, toes and feet. We got to see her smiling several times and trying to suck her thumb. We purchased all of the images from our session and a video. We also have a Heartbeat Bear with her heartbeat recorded so we can listen to her heart beating years from now. These are beautiful memories and keepsakes that my family will treasure forever and we are so grateful for everything. Thank you for an amazing job UC BABY! -- Facebook Review | October 21 2017