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Prize Package:

The fortunate winner will receive the innovative EarlyReveal Blood Test, enabling gender prediction as early as 7 weeks with over 99% accuracy. This incredible prize package also encompasses the cherished UC Baby Bronze Package – an opportunity to witness your baby’s gender reveal, capture precious pictures, and savor a truly special moment.

Contest Highlights:

Early Gender Prediction:
Dive into the enchantment of early parenthood by discovering your baby’s gender as early as 7 weeks with the groundbreaking EarlyReveal Blood Test.
Bronze Package Experience:
Cherish the magic of seeing your baby, finding out their gender, and capturing timeless pictures with the UC Baby Bronze Package. A truly special and heartwarming moment to remember.
Flexibility in Timing:
Whether you choose to undergo the EarlyReveal Blood Test early on or opt for the Bronze Package near the end of your pregnancy, the choice is yours! Embrace the flexibility to suit your preferences, the power is in your hands to make this journey uniquely yours!

Elevate your pregnancy journey with the joy of early gender insights and the warmth of a UC Baby Bronze Package experience. Join us in celebrating the anticipation and love that every moment of parenthood brings!