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UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 18

My fiancée and I went a few weeks ago, and honestly, this was such a beautiful experience. To be able to have my fiancée actually attend an ultrasound with me during this pandemic was memorable for both of us. We were able to see our baby in 3D/4D which is INCREDIBLE! Their prices are great, and sometimes they send discount coupons in their emails 😉 We purchased a bear that has baby's heartbeat and everything is recorded on a USB from the appointment. It is definitely worth the money and experience for you and your partner during these times. - (Google Review | 11 April 2021)

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Staff, technicians and experience were great! A really special experience for those expecting... especially during the pandemic when our SO aren’t allowed in prenatal appointments and routine ultrasounds. Highly recommend! - (Google Review | 30 July 2021)

Its a great place to get your 3D ultrasound done. Very nice and friendly place. We were returning clients since we are having 2nd baby...and we would not go anywhere else. 5 stars!

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 18

What an amazing experience this was, I was a little nervous at first as I did not know what to expect. But so super friendly staff and what a clean and well organized place. My technician made me feel like I was at home watching a movie with my husband of our baby. I would highly recommend this service to anyone! I would do it again in a heart beat. I am so happy with my experience over all and highly recommend UC Baby! ( Sept 16, 2015 | Website submission)

Katrina D. UC Baby Brampton

I had an amazing 3d ultrasound experience with with UC BABY Brampton! My daughter was sound asleep and wouldn't move much but we managed to get a few shots of her face. She wanted to keep her feet up by her face the whole time. -(Facebook Review | 17 June 2017)

Amazing experience once again. Very friendly and patient. Baby was uncooperative but eventually got the pictures we wanted. Definitely recommend this location as you won’t be disappointed. - (Facebook Review | Nov 10, 2019)

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Amazing experience!! I cannot be any more pleased. I won the online contest, and I was so excited! Nothing but gratitude for our ultrasound tech! She was so patient and understanding even with my little guy being very uncooperative. I highly recommend this place for all expecting moms! The best part is that I got to share it with someone unlike many of my other appointments during this rough time! Thank you so much! - (Facebook Review | 3 February 2021)

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I had my 3D ultrasound here today and I highly recommend this UC Baby location. Although the tech had a hard time seeing the best pic of the baby’s face due to the position, she is so patient and let us come back after a few tries. And finally, we had a nice view. We would like to say thank you for the service. -(Facebook Review | 16 August 2020)

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The ultrasound tech is amazing! She was very patient with making sure we left with great pictures and videos. Highly recommend this location! - (Facebook Review | Aug 18, 2019)

Wonderful experience!!! Personal approach and very good people!!! Recommend from all of my heart!!! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 12 July 2017)

Татьяна Н. UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Brampton