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UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - arms on face

Had such a wonderful experience! The manager is so friendly and accommodating. They helped us choose the best package for us. The tech was also great in doing our ultrasound, was very patient and helped us find the right position to get the best photos. So happy we went to UC BABY! - (Google Review | July 2018)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 18

We went to the UC Baby Burnaby location for my 3D ultrasound. I must say the experience was thrilling and beautiful. I could never imagine that I got to see such amazing pixs of my baby. We requested live broadcasting for the grandparents abroad, they enjoyed each and every moment that we enjoyed at the same time.The staff was outstanding and very professional. The sonographer did her best to get the best possible images of our baby.super excited! Thumbs up!! Highly recommended! (Jan 18, 2016)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound photo 4

Last Saturday my husband and I went to UC Baby to see our little one. The receptionist was very nice to us. She explained everything about the package we chose and helped us to make our account to share the ultrasound video with our family. When we started our session the technician was very patient and explained/showed us our baby during the scan and did her best to have a cute baby picture of our baby’s face. At first, he was covering his face but with some tips she gave us we finally could see him. It was an amazing experience! Thank you! - (Google Review | 12 August 2021)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - tongue out

UC BABY is wonderful! They allowed my husband and I to see and bond with our daughter. Staff were friendly and accommodating. Amazing 3D ultrasound experience! --- Facebook Review | 25 March 2017

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - hand on eye

We went to the burnaby location for our 2nd baby..What an experience! We were thrilled to see our baby which was just like born baby face, so real! The whole family loved it as they all joined us to see the baby through live broadcasting.Amazing technology! The Sonographer did her best to take all the shots of our baby.Thanks a lot UC Baby for making our day wonderful and a life time experience.Thumbs UP! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 5 stars! - (Google Review | 18 Jan 2016)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - rubbing eye

It's our first baby and we decided to come to UCBABY to get a close look of our little boy! The staff and technician are very friendly and professional. It was easy to schedule an appointment online and it was easy to change our time. It was a very satisfying experience and we would highly recommend UC BABY. They ensured we got enough photos to take home. And many photos are of very good quality. 5 stars! -- Google Review | October 2017

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound photo 9

Such a great experience for me and my family. They were sweet and the tech was amazing. She was so patient as baby wasn’t cooperating. She went through everything with us explaining different things that she was showing us. Can’t wait to go back in another 10 weeks!!! - (Facebook Review | Oct 17, 2019)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 20

Thank you so much for your determination in getting the best pictures possible of our baby. Although our baby was a little shy, tech made sure we got a great picture of her face. Tech was great in explaining everything we were seeing and making the experience comfortable and fun. The room was large enough to accommodate our family and friends who wanted to share in the experience. We would not hesitate to recommend her to all our friends. (4 June 2015 | Feedback Form)

Jessica F. UC Baby Burnaby

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - foot on nose

The staff are very nice and patient! The room was comfortable, had a nice atmosphere. The photos are clear and nice, too! It’s a really good way to keep all the important moments of our baby! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 3 Jan 2018)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - hand cover eye

My sister and I came to UC BABY Burnaby-Vancouver location last weekend. It was amazing experience for my sister Jemile . She was so happy to see her unborn baby girl. Technician was showing us all the details of the baby.I couldn't imagine before how useful 3d Ultrasound for pregnant women.My sister is more attached her baby since than. I would recommend to all expecting parents to go to UC BABY Burnaby. - (Google Review | 21 Jan 2016)