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UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - hand on eye

We went to the burnaby location for our 2nd baby..What an experience! We were thrilled to see our baby which was just like born baby face, so real! The whole family loved it as they all joined us to see the baby through live broadcasting.Amazing technology! The Sonographer did her best to take all the shots of our baby.Thanks a lot UC Baby for making our day wonderful and a life time experience.Thumbs UP! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 5 stars! - (Google Review | 18 Jan 2016)

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We just had our 3D ultrasound at UC Baby. Wow, what a cool experience! I won a free Bronze Package in July and really didn't know what to expect. But the staff has been very helpful. Our baby wasn't super cooperative, but our tech worked hard to get us as many great shots and video clips of our little one. I definitely recommend doing this. It is so cool to see your baby before they arrive! - (Facebook Review | 29 August 2020)

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Such a great experience for me and my family. They were sweet and the tech was amazing. She was so patient as baby wasn’t cooperating. She went through everything with us explaining different things that she was showing us. Can’t wait to go back in another 10 weeks!!! - (Facebook Review | Oct 17, 2019)

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My experience at UC BABY was amazing!! I am so happy that we decided to go with this company to see our baby! We got to bring in our family and we all got to enjoy the experience together. We all will definitely recommend UC BABY for other expectant mothers! Excellent experience!! Great service!! (25 September 2015 |Feedback Form)

Erica & Justin T. UC Baby Burnaby - Vancouver

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Thank you so much for your determination in getting the best pictures possible of our baby. Although our baby was a little shy, tech made sure we got a great picture of her face. Tech was great in explaining everything we were seeing and making the experience comfortable and fun. The room was large enough to accommodate our family and friends who wanted to share in the experience. We would not hesitate to recommend her to all our friends. (4 June 2015 | Feedback Form)

Jessica F. UC Baby Burnaby