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UC Baby 3D Ultrasound | 4D Ultrasound - Winnipeg, ManitobaUC Baby®  3D Ultrasound Winnipeg offers affordable and high-quality services to expectant families in Manitoba. Our family-friendly facility and professional staff make the 3D Ultrasound experience an unforgettable one. We invite you and your loved ones to amazing ultrasound session that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Pregnancy is that special stage in a family’s life to cherish. To make this entire experience even more profound for you. UC Baby®‘s 3D Ultrasound clinic in Winnipeg invites your loved ones by Live Broadcasting by using the miracle of technology. You and your guests can view the activities of your baby at the same time to start a great bonding experience. You can also learn and share the gender of the baby during your ultrasound scan.

We are accessible and conveniently located at 400 Tache Ave #403, Winnipeg, MB  R2H 3C3

Our Ultrasound Packages

  • 3D/4D ultrasound session
  • Gender Reveal, upon request
  • Watching baby's activities
  • Listen to baby's heartbeats
  • Face and body scan
  • 3D Images in a secure client online account
  • Printed 4 x 6 photo
  • FREE Live Broadcasting
  • FREE Repeat session
  • FREE Video-on-Demand

  • BRONZE PACKAGE Watch movements, find out the gender and get a picture. It is a very special moment to cherish.
  • $129
  • 15 minute scan
  • 1 printed photo
  • If Gender cannot be determined at the initial session.

  • SILVER PACKAGE Capture, enjoy and share this unique, real-time experience of the baby growing inside you.
  • $175
  • 30 minute scan
  • 2 printed photos
  • If Gender cannot be determined and/or Face is hidden at the initial session.
  • with purchase of USB

  • GOLDEN PACKAGE Witness the development of your baby at two stages. Once at 20-25wks and again at 25-32wks.
  • $299
  • 2 x 30 minute scans
  • 2 printed photos for each visit
  • If Gender cannot be determined and/or Face is hidden at the initial session.
  • with purchase of USB

Build Your Own Package

*USB and photos can only be purchased with a 3D ultrasound session.

Ultimate Package (Gender + Silver)
20 minute ultrasound session (no gender det.)
30 minute ultrasound session (no gender det.)
Baby's Gender Reveal (5-10 mins.)
Sneak Peek (12-16 weeks, 2D scan)
3D Pictures/Video on USB (purchase w/ 3D Package)
Fetal Position Scan

Printed 4×6 photo (purchase w/ 3D Package)
Video on Demand (with purchase of USB)
Video on Demand
Heartbeat Bear (with ultrasound session)
Heartbeat Bear (with no recording)
Heartbeat Bear (without ultrasound session)
Heartbeat Waveform Recording

The Gold Standard for 3D Ultrasound in Manitoba – UC Baby® Winnipeg!

UC Baby - 3D & 4D UltrasoundAt UC Baby® 3D ultrasound center in Winnipeg, we set high standards for our services, and we keep improving our skills to give you the best possible services. Our ultrasound technician is medically trained and certified to perform any kind of ultrasounds.

Moreover, we also have Dr. Tina Ureten on board who designed all our systems and trained our staff in the best use of 3D ultrasound tools and technologies. She is a leading expert in elective 3D ultrasounds in Canada and has more than 25 years of experience in the field of pregnancy ultrasound.

3 reasons to choose UC Baby® - Winnipeg

  1. 1
    Winnipeg UC Baby® 3D Ultrasound – Share Your Experience with Loved Ones

    At UC Baby® Winnipeg, we allow you to share this wonderful moment of your life with as many people as you want. We allow you to invite up to 5 or more guests with you to the ultrasound room while 8 more guests can watch the scanning session online through our Live Broadcast service.

    We also offer Video on Demand service that allows you to watch the video of your sessions at our 3D ultrasound center on the Internet at your own convenience without having to set up software or download anything. If someone has missed out on the Live Broadcast, you can share this video with them to make them a part of your momentous experience.

  2. 2
    Winnipeg UC Baby® 3D Ultrasound Center Provides Advanced Quality Scans

    We ensure that you and your baby are both in safe hands at our 3D baby ultrasound center in Winnipeg. We go above and beyond from choosing our ultrasound equipment to provide ongoing training to our ultrasound technicians. We ensure your bonding experience with your baby is extraordinary one. We help you to cherish your quality time in our ultrasound room.

    Our experienced staff members will ensure you and your guests have the best possible experience. The impact of the 3D ultrasounds on pregnant moms is incredible. 

  3. 3
    Winnipeg UC Baby® 3D Ultrasound Center Provides unique extra services

    All of services at our 3D ultrasound clinic in Winnipeg are designed to provide you the advantages of today’s high technology. After your session, you can choose the pictures to print so you can take home along with your CD, DVD, USB.

    • At our 3D baby ultrasound center in Winnipeg, you can also learn the gender of your baby with complete confidence in the accuracy.
    • Our Heartbeat Bears® and Gift Certificates can provide an amazing opportunity for pregnant moms to cherish the miracle of new life.
    • Our gift bags have samples and coupons from our partner companies.