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Highly recommend! Today we had the most amazing experience in this place. The technician was super friendly and kind. You can tell she loves her job and enjoys what she does. The office was clean and followed all the covid protocols needed. The experience was totally worth it. - (Facebook Review | 14 September 2020)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - hand cover eye

The staff are amazing and go above and beyond to get you good images of your little one. I went twice throughout my pregnancy and and had a great experience each time. I'd definitely recommend UC BABY! - (Google Review | July 2018)

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I love UC Baby so much! The tech is the sweetest! The room is cute and comfy, and it’s a very relaxing setting. During this pandemic, partners have often had the short end of the stick when it comes to appointments and ultrasounds. But because of UC Baby’s personal care and privacy, we decided to purchase an Ultimate Package so daddy can see baby too! We started with a gender reveal at 15 weeks, which was awesome and accompanied by 4D photos. And when she grew a liiiiittle bit (actually, a lot lol) more, we had another session at 28 weeks where we got to see all of her features close up! It truly was an incredible experience. I am so thankful for how amazing it was and how cared for we felt. The tech also loves baby’s and gets super excited with us. It’s so sweet, just overall a great experience, and a great place. We highly recommend UC Baby! - (Facebook Review | 19 August 2020)

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What an amazing experience we had yesterday seeing our sweet baby boy on the big screen and the prints we received were absolutely beautiful! Our baby didn't want to cooperate to see his whole face for the first while but the technician was so wonderful and did everything she could to get us some great shots and get the baby moving! I highly would recommend UC baby - we got the Silver Package & Heartbeat Bear. So worth it!! 5 stars! -(Facebook Review | 11 June 2017)

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This place is the best! Staff so kind and caring.. fair prices .. been there already 3 times and I’m not even from Victoria! That’s the place for you if you want to save special experience from you pregnancy. -Google Review | | Oct 2019

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My wife and I had a great 3d ultrasound experience at UC BABY. They were kind and genuine. Our technician made us feel really comfortable and knew how to get the baby smile for the camera. I would definitely recomend them to my all of my family and friends. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 3 Feb 2016)

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I had such a fun experience this morning. Your tech was so nice and she knew exactly where/how to look for baby to get the best images. I'm coming back at 32 weeks for another show.

Mandeep S. UC Baby Victoria

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We have been to the Victoria location 3 times now and have had a very good experience each time! The staff is very friendly and they are always on time with appointments. Highly recommend the 3D ultrasound, such a neat thing to see during your pregnancy. (April 19, 2016 | Website submission)

Stacey B. UC Baby Victoria

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My 3d ultrasound experience here was amazing! My tech was so informative and helpful, seeing my made me so happy! Thank you again for such a great day!! 5 stars! - Google Review | Dec 2017

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My husband and I came to UC BABY Victoria to get our 3D ultrasound done here. The technician was amazing, very patient with me. I did live broadcasting with my family and took me a little while to get them set up but everything was on my time. It was great, an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend going here to anyone. 5 stars! --- Facebook Review | 3 June 2016