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One of the best experiences of my pregnancy so far. My boyfriend and I went last night and had the most wonderful , comfortable and relaxing experiences. I found out I am having a boy and couldn't be more thrilled. I definitely recommend at least going for one of these during your pregnancy. It's a must have experience ! Thank you to your company and its staff!! -- Facebook Review | September 15 2017

I had an awesome 3D ultrasound experience. I purchased the bronze package and went with my mom and husband. We were so happy to see our little girl. The staff was excellent. I will be back with my next pregnancy. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 2 Feb 2016)

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We really enjoyed our experience today! A very special memory for our family and friends. Can't wait to come back in five weeks for another look at our little one! Very professional and friendly service and I felt very comfortable through the entire process, unlike at a cold, sterile hospital!

Jackie L. UC Baby Moncton

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I simply loved the whole experience at UC Baby! It was awesome being able to see my little baby, finding out it is a girl, listening to her heartbeats (and keep them on the cutest teddy bear), having the video and the pictures on a pen drive, live streaming to our families overseas, and all of this, with the great service and care of those managing the clinic. We can't wait for the second appointment booked for our 28th week. - (Facebook Review | 11 February 2021)

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Thank you for such a great experience! We did not want to find out the gender and were worried that this wouldn't be worth it or that the lady might reveal it by mistake. We were very wrong! The tech was very educational. She explained a lot and kept the appointment very personal. I highly recommend, especially for Dads that are feeling left out of the pregnancy. - (Facebook Review | 19 July 2021)

I hade one done in 2015 for my son it was the best experience ever. i went twice to see the diff betwen 18 week and 24 week it was amazing. I got Heartbeat Bear, 2 dvd, 2 cd (1 of each session) and im glad I went. I lost my boy at 38 week stillborn and now it's only memory i have of him alive on the dvd n photos so thanks god UC BABY exist .... I am pregnant again and im going again in a few weeks for this baby to make sure I'll have memory if something happened to this baby too ..... the staff are amazing, i love them very friendly. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 27 July 2016)

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My boyfriend and I had the BEST experience at UC Baby. I am about 17 weeks pregnant and we went to find out the gender early, as well as to see our little girl! They made our experience amazing. Very cozy waiting area. An enjoyable experience to watch our little girl on the big screen. Amazing customer service. We are already looking at booking our next one! 10/10 recommended!!! - (Facebook Review | 11 February 2021)

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We went there 2 years ago and it was an amazing experience. So we had to go back! Went yesterday and they are kind, caring and very nice people. We actually found out the baby didn't have a heartbeat and they were extremely amazing to us and helped us through everything to get things rolling to ensure the findings. I would recommend them over and over again because of the lovely couple who runs it. Definitely an amazing experience to see your baby and just a welcoming place with good pricing! - (Google Review | 25 August 2021)

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Our experience at UC BABY was so special and we will cherish it forever. The atmosphere is perfect, the technology that allows you to meet your baby is worth every penny. We will definitely be back. --- 10 April 2017 | Website Testimonial Submission

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I had such a great experience today at UC Baby! The ultrasound technician was very friendly and wonderful at explaining everything we were seeing, and not always seeing. She took the time to really try and get great pictures, in the end they weren't to her satisfaction so she told me I could come in again a little bit further along in my pregnancy to try again to get some clear images. The service at reception was also great! I would highly recommend UCBaby Moncton! (March 11, 2016 | Website submission)

Kelly E. UC Baby Moncton