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UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 19

I liked UC Baby because I got to finally see my baby brother/sister in 3D and 4D. My Mom showed us the black and white picture from her doctor, but it didn't even compare to the amazing pictures from UC Baby. My favorite part of the appointment was getting the Heartbeat Bear with my brother's or sister?s heartbeat inside it. I sleep with it every night, and it makes me feel that much closer to them. Thank you so much.

Cassidy R.

We had an amazing 3D ultrasound experience at UC BABY. The staff were so friendly and the atmosphere of the viewing rooms was so calming and comfortable. My 2yo was not into it at all, yet they never once were bothered by his crying or running around. I wish i had have went with my first child! 5 stars! -- (Facebook Review | 9 March 2016)

I bought a gift certificate for my friend's first baby from the UC BABY Mississauga location. The process was extremely easy, and the 3D ultrasound experience very gratifying. The baby was camera-shy when my friend first went and baby wouldn't take a decent picture. The friendly staff were very accommodating and booked a second appointment free of charge. We now have a beautiful picture of unborn baby Alex to forever cherish 🙂 Thank you UC BABY for giving us a glimpse into our future. Keep up the great work! - (Facebook Review | 24 April 2014)

Amazing experience!! Tech was lovely and clean peaceful setting! Definitely recommend this place! --Facebook Review | October 21 2017