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Are you aware of the many benefits of exercise during pregnancy? The list ranges from controlled weight gain to developing a better immune system for the baby. Physical activity during pregnancy plays a vital role, both for you and for your growing baby. Exercise makes you happier, less stressed, and feel more in touch with the baby.

Try to stay as active as you can. Thirty (30) minutes or more of low to moderate-intensity exercise a day is recommended for pregnant women who don’t have any complications.

Pregnancy fitness can be started from 14 weeks on, but you should always follow the advice of your health care provider before enrolling in any fitness program. Be sure to stop any activity if you experience pain or fatigue during the exercise.

Safe Activities During Pregnancy

◆ Walking ◆ Jogging ◆ Cycling ◆ Stairmaster ◆ Swimming ◆ Aquafitness ◆ Rowing ◆ Yoga ◆ Pilates ◆ Spinning ◆ Muscular/strength training ◆ Elliptical/cross-trainer machine ◆

Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy

◆ Rollerblading ◆ Cross-country skiing ◆ Water skiing ◆ Scuba diving ◆ Skating ◆ Soccer ◆ Basketball ◆ Obstacle courses ◆ Contact activities such as hockey, football, rugby or broomball ◆ Parachuting, rappelling or rock climbing ◆ Rucksack marches and casualty evacuation

Benefits Exercise during Pregnancy

1. Improved well-being and boosted energy levels

2. A stronger body, with better posture

3. Reduced levels of back and pelvic pain

4. Controlled pregnancy weight gain

5. Overcoming morning sickness

6. Reduced stress levels and better sleep

7. Decreased level of gestational pregnancy

8. Decrease constipation

9. Reduce the risk of muscle cramps

Benefits of Exercise for Baby Delivery

10. Improved pain management during labour

11. Stronger pelvic muscles for easier delivery

12. A faster recovery following delivery

13. Minimizes risk of post-partum depression

14. Decreased incidence of vaginal tearing

15. Lower chance of needing a c-section and intervention of delivery

Benefits of Exercise for Your Baby

16. Improved oxygen flow to the placenta therefore to the baby

17. Improved neurological development

18. Healthier, calmer, and leaner babies

19. Decreased colic problems

20. Healthier heart and lungs of the baby

21. Improves functions of blood vessels in baby’s body

22. Makes immune system stronger


Written by: Tina I URETEN, MD, RDMS, RDCS