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It’s no secret that parenthood is a full-time job. With all the time and energy that motherhood consumes, it’s easy to forget about putting time aside for yourself. While you’re likely focusing on your baby, supporting your well-being is important too. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailPrint

At the beginning of your third trimester, you may be wondering what new surprises your pregnancy has in store for you. Your third trimester means a lot of changes as you near the home stretch of your pregnancy. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest3emailPrint

Preparing for pregnancy is a demanding but rewarding experience. This process requires both physical and mental maintenance. It can be overwhelming, but the most important thing is to have a plan. Once you have a plan for how you are preparing for pregnancy, it may seem less daunting. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest2emailPrint

Preeclampsia (also called toxemia) is a condition seen with high blood pressure at or after 20 weeks of pregnancy in a woman whose blood pressure was normal before pregnancy. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest2emailPrint

Baby birth traditions are a great welcome to the world for a new baby. In Nigeria, the focus of the birth customs is on the baby’s future life and care for the mother. These social norms continued to be practiced when Nigerians move to other countries, Canada included. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest2emailPrint