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Preparing for pregnancy is a demanding but rewarding experience. This process requires both physical and mental maintenance. It can be overwhelming, but the most important thing is to have a plan. Once you have a plan for how you are preparing for pregnancy, it may seem less daunting.

This blog will analyze the steps you should take when planning for pregnancy.

Preparing for Pregnancy in 6 Ways

1. Get a Family History

Genetics plays a role in the conception and development of a baby. This information should include any health issues in your family, any health issues common in your ethnic groups, and any health issues you have had. It will help prepare you and your doctor for what to expect once you’re expecting.

2. Visit the Doctor

You should schedule a checkup before you start, trying to make sure everything is okay with both you and your partner. This is when your family histories will also become important. You should give your doctors as broad a range of information as possible because you never know what could be relevant when trying to have a baby.

3. Review your Medications

This step requires you to take a comprehensive look at the medications you are putting in your body. You should mention any medication to your doctor, from prescriptions you have been taking for years to the occasional Advil pain reliever. Some components of these medications may affect your ability to get pregnant and thus should be shared with a healthcare professional.

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4. Visit the Dentist

It may seem strange that you should go to the dentist before you get pregnant. Did you know that untreated dental issues could lead to pregnancy complications? These complications include issues such as preterm labour. Another reason to get your dental problems under control before pregnancy is that certain dental procedures may not be recommended after conception.

5. Check your Weight

Unfortunately, weight can affect your ability to become pregnant and lead to pregnancy complications. This recommendation applies to women, both overweight and underweight. Weight issues can lead to health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Both conditions can make pregnancy difficult.

6. Prepare your Finances

There is no way around it: babies are expensive. However, you do not have to be wealthy to have a happy and healthy family. As with most parts of preparation for a baby, it should become more manageable if you have a plan. If you begin saving before you are pregnant, it may give you a nest egg that gives you flexibility later. It can also be helpful to plan a budget ahead of time, so you have an idea of the costs associated with your new bundle of joy.


Do not let this list stress you out. Stress can make trying for a baby more difficult. It is important to remember to relax and that even accomplishing some of these steps will help you achieve your goal of becoming a prepared parent.



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Written by: Gabrielle Goldson

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