stages of pregnancy

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind journey like no other – your 40-week pregnancy extravaganza! It’s not just nine months. It’s an awe-inspiring tale of growth and development that will leave you in awe. Join us as we unveil our detailed week-by-week pregnancy calendar, keeping you informed and connected to every stage of your baby’s progress.

Trimester Trek: Let the Transformation Begin!


Pregnancy Calendar’s First Trimester (Weeks 1 – 13)

Your adventure begins with the start of your menstrual cycle. By week 3, a tiny, fertilized egg is rapidly multiplying, eagerly seeking attachment to your uterus. Week 4 marks the magical moment when attachment occurs, sparking growth and perhaps even some early pregnancy symptoms. Weeks 5-7 bring incredible transformations as the embryo starts taking shape with recognizable features. Weeks 8-10 solidify this tiny miracle into a true mini-human complete with fingers, toes, and yes, gender determination! By week 13, your little one is fully formed and ready for further organ development and growth.

The first trimester sets the stage for an incredible journey filled with discovery. As your baby grows inside you, subtle yet profound changes are happening to prepare for what lies ahead.


Pregnancy Calendar’s Second Trimester (Weeks 14 – 26)

Welcome to the exciting middle chapter of your adventure!

Your little one starts making moves by UC Baby 3D Ultrasound 18 Weeks week 14 -swimming around, kicking up a storm, and even sucking its thumb. At week 18, they’re already as big as a small doll and can respond to touch from outside the womb. By week 21, prepare to feel those precious movements firsthand while discovering their gender and watching eyelids and eyebrows form. Weeks 22-24 bring significant weight gain and mobility milestones but also remind us to take extra care due to potential complications. And by week 26, get ready for your baby to respond to light and dark, showcasing their amazing activity.

The second trimester is full of milestones that deepen your bond with your growing baby. Get ready for animated kicks, more pronounced features, and growing excitement as the adventure unfolds.


Pregnancy Calendar’s Third Trimester (Weeks 27- 40)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound 27 WEEKS
You’ve reached the thrilling final stretch!
At week 27, your little one reaches viability outside the womb while showing off rolling, kicking, and hand movements.

By week 30, they weigh nearly three pounds and undergo tests to ensure their well-being. At Weeks 30-35 mark the final stages of growth (except for lung development) as your baby assumes the birthing position.

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound 35 Weeks
After 35 weeks, every moment becomes monumental – from signs signaling labor readiness like cramping to recognizable sounds that let you know your little one is ready for their grand entrance into the world! The third trimester is all about anticipation and preparation as you witness your baby’s readiness for life outside the womb. Cherish each movement, kick, and heartbeat – it’s a magical time filled with promise.

Embrace the Journey: Treasure Every Moment

As you embark on this extraordinary adventure with your little one, regular check-ups with your doctor are key to ensuring a smooth progression. Stay informed, celebrate milestones, and savor those precious moments of growth together. With our comprehensive week-by-week guide in hand, you’ll have all the information you need to navigate this incredible journey! In each beat of your baby’s heart and every flutter of movement lies a symphony of life unfolding before your eyes – don’t miss a single note as you witness the miracle of creation.


* Photos are used with permission.

By: Tina I Ureten MD, RDMS, RDCS