Mother's Day 2017


Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated days of the year.

We see Mother’s Day greeting cards display, Mother’s Day flower arrangements, and Mother’s Day gifts promotions in stores. We receive Mother’s Day themed newsletters and emails from different organizations.

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Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. It falls on May 14 this year. What exactly are we celebrating?

  • We celebrate our being here because our mothers have chosen to give birth to us. We celebrate the lives we have given birth to.
  • We celebrate the long days and seemingly endless nights of feeding , changing diapers and putting the baby to sleep.
  • We celebrate the moments when we are overcome with worry because our children are sick, and how we find the greatest relief when they get better.
  • We celebrate the constant learning process – feeding, changing diapers, bathing, potty-training, walking, etc.
  • We celebrate memories of many firsts — first birthdays, first Christmas, first New Year, first Valentine’s Day, first Easter, first Mother’s Day…

There is an endless list of Memorable Moments of Motherhood to celebrate. We have asked a few of our friends and followers to share their #memorablemomentsofmotherhood

  •  “As a first time mom, there were many firsts for me. The very first time I heard my baby cry, I couldn’t help but cry myself. And the first time I held her in my arms was a feeling beyond I could describe.
    — Anna Q.


  •  I gave birth to Brandon — I gave birth to a BOY! And he popped out in a little over half an hour! That’s what I’d call Express Delivery! The whole family was ecstatic — the first grandson for both families!”
    — Samantha B


  • Potty Training!!! This was such a fun, exciting stage. I was hoping they’d learn fast enough so I could save money on diapers!”
    — Ashley S.


  • When my son was about 3 months old, we went to the mall to wander around. I was holding him, and he had a massive poop explosion all over my pants and shirt. I didn’t have a change of clothes so I had to do a walk of shame in the mall, COVERED in poop, to get to the car. Got quite a few horrified looks from passers-by. I kept a change of clothes for myself in the diaper bag from then on!”
    — Kayla S. | Victoria, BC


  • “Transitioning babe from formula to solids. Her reactions to each food was entertaining.”
    — Erin W. | Midland, ON


  • When my oldest became a big sister. And seeing her hold her sister. They are now 12 and 4.
    — Amanda M. | Truro, NS


  • Feeling baby move for the first time
    — Taylor C. | Conception Bay South, NL


  • The day my son was born was the most memorable day, just holding him in my arms for the first time was the best feeling! I never thought I would be a mom due to complications but I have the most amazing little boy and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Xo
    — Candace | Penetang


  • To be able to breastfeed both of my kids. To stare at those little eyes!! My son is 2 year old and my baby girl 3 months old. They grow so fast. I love too see them learning new things.
    — Melissa B. | Deux-Montagnes


  • Finding out I was pregnant with my first child, when I was in the last year, last semester of college after the hardest & most scariest summer of my life of almost losing my life in a car accident & once I found out I was pregnant on Valentine’s Day, everything changed for the better & from then on my life has never been the same.
    — Hailey | Sydney, NS


  • Finding out I was pregnant with our fourth after my husband said he didn’t want any more than two! Number 3 and 4 have been such a wonderful surprise!!
    — Melissa S. | Edmonton, AB


  • The day I found out I was going to be a mother was the scariest and most exciting day of my life. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or run screaming. After a long day at work I went home to tell my husband who laughed at me when I started crying. Everyday since then has been an emotional rollercoaster and I can not wait to finally hold this little man and be his momma. I’m certain that everyday for the rest of my life is going to be that emotional rollercoaster that started the day I found out I was pregnant.
    — Michelle M. | Sudbury, ON


  • I’m currently still pregnant with my first child, but my most memorable motherhood story was the day my doctor confirmed my pregnancy after many miscarriages.
    — Laura H. | Miramichi, NB


  • My most memorable moment was when my son told me that he loves me with no prompting or me telling him first. I almost cried in that moment, instead I went up to him and give him the biggest big and told him I loved him back. Nothing is more satisfying than those little arms around you squeezing with all their might. I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it.
    — Linsey P. | Edmonton, AB


  • Although I’m not a mother yet, I’m currently 23 weeks with our first baby boy. My most memorable moment so far is the first time I felt him move. I wasn’t expecting it, but there was this little ball moving across my hand, it was so surreal. Now he kicks and flips all day long. Love him so much already!
    — Nicole W. | New Hamburg


  • I was playing airplane with my baby and as I waa moving him in the air, he puked….right into my mouth.
    — Alecia D. | ON


  • After two miscarriages, I got to hold my Rainbow Baby in my arms and she was perfectly and wonderfully made. I then had an ectopic pregnancy. I am now pregnant with my second Rainbow Baby.
    — Jade H. | Caronport, SK


  • When I told 4 year old Declan i am expecting his baby brother he said “I love brothers but momma…i hate babies!” I assured him that Karson would be a baby he loves and he said “but will he get 4 like me?” When i said yes he excitedly yelled “yay!!!”
    — Alyssa | Kitchener, ON


  • I took my oldest daughter (3 years old at the time) to visit my mom. Mom & I were talking while my daughter was playing. We talked about how forgetful my grandmother was getting, mindful of the “little ears” we used different terms when speaking of it. After a while, we decided to go and visit with my grandmother. My daughter gathered some toys and the 3 of us walked down the road to my grandma’s house. My daughter ran ahead of my mom and I into the house. Just before we reached the kitchen where my grandmother was, we heard her say “Oh thank you sweetie, what are you giving me these for though?” and my daughter’s response was…“Mommy & Grandma Terry said you were losing your marbles so I brought you some of mine!” I was mortified and quite honestly scared of what my 4 foot high grandmother was going to do to Mom & I….I tried to turn and run, but mom blocked my way. Grandma forgave us…after she stopped laughing hysterically.
    — Teresa B. | Wahnapitae, ON


  • When I was pregnant I found out my baby was breech and that the safest way to deliver in our situation was by a planned csection. I was devasted as I had wanted a natural birth. Even going into the surgery room I was terrified as I had never had surgery before and feared the recovery, but the moment they pulled my baby out all those fears and worries slipped away. Even the recovery barely phased me, I was happy just to have him here safe and healthy. Nothing can prepare you for the love and sacrifice you do as a mother , but those are things you don’t even think twice about doing.
    — Haylie B. | Winnipeg, MB


  • Honestly, that very first dating ultrasound and it setting in that I really am growing a little baby inside me! Such an amazing feeling.
    — Nicole M. | Glenwood, NL


  • My daughter learning how to walk. So amazing and warmed my heart.
    — Angela G. | Calgary, AB


  • Carrying and nurturing all my babies inutero are times I will never forget and times I will forever cherish. I love being pregnant and knowing that I’m creating a safe and sound place for my babies to grow and develop.
    — Carrie York


  • This pregnancy is my first, and I’m currently 12 weeks pregnant. My most memorable motherhood story so far is when I went for my first ultrasound a couple days ago and we got to see our little baby waving at us. It made the whole pregnancy feel so real and got us even more exited about this baby (if that was even possible).
    — Joanne C. | Grande-Digue


  • When i first became a mother, my mother brought me for a spa day and pampered me! It was the best feeling to be a new mom and be able to spend that day with her as we bonded. Cant believe that was 7 years ago!
    — Jessica | Toronto


  • First time Mom. Just feeling my precious baby moving inside me is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER FELT!
    — Samantha S. | Nepean, ON


  • When my son was born he was breach and things were a bit tense for a while during delivery but everything went perfectly well and the Dr. said I had “text book birth”.
    — Eileen K. | Steinbach, MB


  • The most memorable motherhood story would have to be the way my 5 year old daughter reacted to the loss of her unborn sister when i was 7 months pregnant. She was my strength and will power through the first few weeks after. She was so reassuring and always telling me mommy shes in a better place and will be safe with the angels. You see that really bright start in the sky thats her mommy. It was during these few weeks she made me realise the amazing and kind hearted person she is becoming. I have never felt more proud as a mom in my life.
    — Samantha R. | Brampton, ON


  • I’m a Kindergarten teacher and the first time I saw baby poke his little elbow out of me was with 30 other little eyes watching! I screamed excitedly! They screamed! “Was that the baby” they asked. We then spent the next 20 minutes talking about my little boy and what it feels like to grow a baby. It was a wonderful first.
    — Ashley M. | Binbrook


  • The birth of my first born, my son, who came out unable to breath on his own. After a few tense moments, the wonderful doctors and nurses finally placed my son in my arms!
    — Tanis | Summerland


  • I remember being in labour with my daughter. I had been given supper in the hospital as I “wasn’t going to deliver soon”. They were wrong. My mom was with me in the delivery room and despite my efforts to clear a path, I threw up all over her! We still laugh about it and she wasn’t mad because she became a grandma 5 minutes later.
    — Angela B. | Neidpath


  • When we brought our son home from the hospital, I remember telling my husband to drive faster he was going about 50km on the highway!
    — Leslie S. | West Kelowna, BC


  • Watching my daughter as class valedictorian.
    — Monica | Barrie


  • One of my most memorable moments as a mother was when my second son could not wait to get to the hospital to be born. He was born in the ambulance, moments after getting off a ferry.
    — Rosa C. | Tancook Island


  • When my daughter was seven, she woke me up and ‘I made breakfast!’. I was a little panicked at first, but she went on to say (as she led me to the kitchen – where I expected a fire!) that she had wanted to make muffins but she knew she wasn’t allowed to use the oven by herself. She then said “..and then I thought – I can make WAFFLES!” She was so pleased! Those were the frozen kind that go in the toaster of course. She had set the table and was soooo excited. It was an an amazing moment for me because I didn’t realize how much children want to please or do special things for their parents! And at such a young age!
    — Kelly U. | Manitoba