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Here is a collection of funny, inspirational family and motherhood quotes. We put this post as a celebration of motherhood and a recognition of the value of family moments. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

Here is a collection of inspirational motherhood and fatherhood quotes. We put this together as a celebration of parenthood and our way of saying how special you all are. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Motherhood is not just about bearing children. It is a joyful journey and lifetime commitment made in your heart. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

This is an excerpt from one of my favourite children’s books of all time – The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. It says a lot about what we BECOME as mothers, as fathers, as parents.  We understand what being REAL is – getting hurt doesn’t matter, becoming ‘ugly’ doesn’t matter. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

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