3D Ultrasound Reviews | UC BABY Clients Share their Testimonials

3D Ultrasound Reviews | UC BABY Clients Share their Stories

I was here at UC BABY Whitby clinic today to meet my little prince 🙂 We were late about 15min to our session and worried if we would have time to have our whole session or be rushed into it. Even though it was our mistake that we arrived late, the staff were so kind and understanding and were able to complete our whole session. Our experience was great, staff was so nice and helpful. I recommend all mom-to-be's to visit this location for a fun and friendly experience! 5 stars! - (Google Review | 18 April 2016)

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They were wonderful!!! Very friendly and patient. Made sure we left with amazing photos both times we were there. Told us gender. The facility is very clean and has a wonderful atmosphere. Very comfortable accommodations. I would absolutely recommend UC Baby! (May 27, 2016 | Website submission)

Vanessa M. UC Baby Winnipeg

Good experience! Our baby was being very stubborn during the ultrasound (he didn't want to show us his face) but the ultrasound technician was very patient and tried many techniques so we could get a good picture of him. We ended up with a couple pictures and couldn't be happier! 4 stars! - (Google Review | 22 July 2016)

My husband and I had a wonderful experience at UC BABY yesterday ❤ Our technician was very friendly and engaged in the ultrasound. We went for a gender reveal and asked not to be told but for the information to be written down on a paper and placed in a sealed envelope. Everyone was really good about not revealing the this to us:) The receptionist was also extremely friendly and approachable:) Highly recommend UC BABY! - (Website Testimonial Submission | 26 Feb 2017)

I went for my 3d ultrasound when I was 18 weeks pregnant. Spending this kind of money isn't easy. The main reason for going to UC BABY was to find out the gender of the baby. They told us it's a girl. I had a routine ultrasound with my obgyn and the results weren't the same. The gentleman from UC BABY Hamilton contacted me to reschedule a free visit to double check the gender. He booked us in the following day which was amazing. He cared about my feelings and was pleased to offer us to come back to double check. I am happy with the Hamilton location when they care about their customers it goes a long way. Looking forward to going back tomorrow to double check and later in my pregnancy around 34 weeks. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 4 March 2017)

Amazing experience! The staff there are very friendly and knowledgeable! We did our gender revelation today, and will be going back for the 3d scan! What an exciting experience! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 3 June 2017)

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Great experience, we would recommend it to anyone, well worth the money and memories! (Nov 26, 2015 | Website submission)

i would highly recommend UC BABY to anyone. I went here three times with my three kids! The best part is even if family is on the other side of the world or just in other provinces they email you a link to your email where you then send to your family and friends and they get to access the session online or on an iphone from where ever they are. My husband would have missed all three ultrasound experiences if it wasn't for their FREE live broadcasting services. They made it possible for all my family from east to north of Canada to be involved and it made the experience great. Awesome staff...Same lady sonographer for all three of my kids. As early as 16 weeks they can find out gender and they give you time to view your baby's movements and personality and how they are doing inside your tummy (its such a connecting time). They also give you a DVD and a few printed pictures. Another option that was available was for myself or the other siblings they could get a Heartbeat Bear in blue or pink with a recording of my baby's heart beat in it (soooo sweet and important to build attachment for siblings and family and myself). Hearing the heart beat is awesome and to be able to hear it anytime after your session is an amazing experience. If you are a person that just can't wait to find out the gender, or if you don't want to know ...or you only want certain people to know, they are very sensitive and understanding of what you want and they make it happen. I went at 16 weeks for a gender reveal and will go back at 25 weeks to get even more detailed pictures Thanks UC BABY x 3!!!! - Website Testimonial Submission | 15 July 2017

An Awesome place! Great service! Got to see some great pictures of our daughter.If anyone is wanting to see what your unborn child looks like, this is the place. The technician is great and she gives you a lot of great pictures. 5 stars! -- Facebook Review | October 6 2017

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UC Baby Richmond has an amazing tech who clearly loves her job. She welcomes her customers with such a friendly smile And is descriptive when doing the scan And really takes her time, such a relaxing and warm environment! Thanks so much and my family will be back for our 3d scan. Highly recommend UC Baby! (April 25, 2015 | Website submission)

Natalie And Ryan UC Baby Richmond