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Best place! It was so much fun to see our little ones. Photos came out clear you really get a good idea of what they are going to look like. The first time we went, the arms were hiding and they managed to get a ok photo. We waited 30 minutes, drank a smoothie and tried again but he was still hiding. They gave us an appointment the following week after for a rescan free of charge. We went in and he was hiding again but they wouldn’t quit till they got a good one. Went back in 20 minutes later and he finally moved and showed his face. It was so much fun. It’s a great gift for someone as well super happy with the great service. They even send you a text to confirm your appointment and we got the live stream package so friends and family can watch clearly what was going on. Great place highly recommended! 5 stars! - (Google Review | Feb 2018)

I had such a terrible experience at my first ultrasound at the hospital. I wasn't told much information, my boyfriend wasn't allowed to see the baby and I did not get a picture. I contacted UC BABY that night to book a 3D ultrasound appointment. They got back to me right away and booked me for the next morning! The sonographer was so much fun and so informative. The atmosphere was extremely positive and I was able to really enjoy the experience this time. I also brought home a video of the entire scan and a printed picture to share with friends and family 🙂 Thank you so much for making my week! I will be back for sure. -- Facebook Review | 16 Oct 2016

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 3

I like the whole experience?gives you a great visual of the baby and the technician was so nice. She tried her hardest to get a picture of our little one's face but she wasn?t in the mood! You guys give a way better picture definitely makes it more real!

Rebecca P.

Amazing 3D ultrasound experience! Booked with both of my pregnancies! 5 stars! - (Facebook review | 16 March 2016)

Awesome experience, really nice people, nothing is rushed... Calm music and relaxing atmosphere. Thinking of going back later in pregnancy! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 6 Aug 2017)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 21

They were wonderful!!! Very friendly and patient. Made sure we left with amazing photos both times we were there. Told us gender. The facility is very clean and has a wonderful atmosphere. Very comfortable accommodations. I would absolutely recommend UC Baby! (May 27, 2016 | Website submission)

Vanessa M. UC Baby Winnipeg

My husband and I, and our parents went to UC BABY yesterday. We had the most amazing experience there! The environment is so calming and welcoming. The owners are wonderful, very sweet people. We found out we are having a baby girl! Much thanks to these wonderful people, being so informative and making the experience so great! - (Facebook Review | 22 March 2018)

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Very accommodating personnel.. good customer service.. clean and well-maintained location.. over-all a wonderful experience for parents to be.. My husband and I went there few days ago (28 gestational weeks). At first, our baby doesn’t want to cooperate and keeps on hiding her face. They are so patient with us and gave us another try. During our second round of scanning, we got really good pictures. We are so happy to see how our baby is doing inside the tummy. Few minutes after, we were given a link to the website were all the pictures are uploaded. We are very satisfied with the service. Highly recommended! - (Facebook Review | | Oct 4, 2019)

I was the July 2018 Bronze Package winner & out of 3 pregnancies this ultrasound experience was the best! The staff and technician were so friendly and accommodating. They took their time & made sure we left just as excited as we came in. The pictures were so amazing, I can't wait to compare them to my little girl in a couple months. I highly recommend UC baby to any expectant mom. Thank you again for such a great experience! - (Facebook Review | 4 August 2018)

We had an awesome 3d ultrasound experience! Unfortunately our little man had his feet above his head, but the sonographer was able to get some good pictures even with his little feet on his face! We learned our little man was quite the character and he has chubby cheeks and his daddy's nose! Having this 3d ultrasound made me even more excited to meet our little man! We also bought a Heartbeat Bear and the sound quality is amazing! It's such a beautiful comforting feeling to be able to hear his heartbeat whenever we want to! - Website Testimonial Submission | 17 August 2017