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The client’s satisfaction with our service is our priority. Our sincerest appreciation to our clients who have chosen UC Baby to be a part of their beautiful pregnancy memories.

Here are some of the client reviews posted on our Facebook pages for APRIL 2016:

“My husband is 7000 miles away yet he was able to bond with us during that special moment of seeing our little angel kicking, smiling and making faces.

My mom laughed while tears fell down her eyes while watching, because out of her 12 grandchildren and 7 kids, it was her first time to see a 3D/4D session and it blew her away.

Being a first-time mom is not easy, but thanks to UC Baby, I’m now more excited and less nervous knowing that our little angel developed well, very healthy, and very happy inside Mommy! Highly recommended and will definitely be back for the second baby!”
– Nina Cruz


APRIL 2016

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