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UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 16

I'd like to thank UC Baby London for being so pleasant, warm and making this an experience we will never forget! We chose not to find out the sex of our baby, and our decision was respected. This is something I worried about as some friends and colleagues warned me that if I get a 3D done, we might find out the sex. Not the case here! Thank you for using warm jelly on my belly. Nice touch! Haha! We highly recommend UC Baby in London! We ordered the Silver Package with USB of pictures and video. I highly recommend it! (Jan 2016 | Facebook review)

Stephanie D. UC Baby London
UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 15

Wow, what a wonderful experience! Our sonographer was friendly, and got some great shots of our little one. I was so happy to hear that the staff were able to accommodate our request of not revealing our baby's gender. The sonographer made sure to tell us to "look away" when necessary and provided us with our baby's gender in an envelope upon departure, so we could find out with friends and family! I may have to come back when I am further along in my pregnancy...so much fun!

Stephanie S. UC Baby Halifax

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 18

Just had the most unbelievable experience today....just seeing our beautiful granddaughter brought tears of joy!!!! The technician and receptionist were AMAZING!!!. They went above & beyond to make everyone very comfortable during our session. It was definately an experience of a lifetime!!!!

Florecie M. UC Baby Sydney
UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 3

It was amazing! We got to see our prince and know he was a boy before we met him!! Our sonographer was amazing and so sweet with the sessions! Would recommend this service to anyone expecting!! 🙂

Vanessa B. UC Baby Sydney

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 20

Awesome experience ! They really take the time to get you a great picture of your baby 🙂 and explain everything you're seeing on the screen ! (November 20, 2015 | Facebook review)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 20

Just wanted to let you know that I had the most amazing time at UC baby. I couldn't have asked for a better person to do the 3D ultrasound. Both women who were there were extremely friendly and made us feel very comfortable. It was an amazing experience. The building was gorgeous and beautifully decorated. Thanks so much making our day one we will never forget! (July 23, 2015 | Website submission)

Michelle M. UC Baby 3D Ultrasound

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 18

Love this clinic! Last year, we had a stillbirth and the memory of going to the clinic helped us to remember and to add to our memories of her. With this new pregnancy, we were able to see the resemblance that our first and second daughters had in common. (July 6, 2015 | Website submission)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 9

The technician was great and made sure she did everything she could to get us some great pictures even though baby girl was being SUPER stubborn with both feet and hands in front of her face!

Karen M.

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 6

It was a great experience - I wish I had done it with my first as well - so we did it with the last and second and so glad I did. Also such a very nice relaxing place to be and the people there are so very friendly. Thanks for a great experience.

Michelle P.
UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 19

The location is small but very warm and welcoming. The ultrasound tech was extremely friendly and made the entire expereince something to enjoy. From beginning to end me and my family felt comfortable, had excellent conversation and she even went as far as to make sure we go to to see every inch of my stubborn baby boy would hid his face for a good portion of the session. Will defintely be back soon. (18 July 2016 | Website submission)