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Great service, great experience, great staff... They make you and your family feel very comfortable. After our first appointment, we unfortunately did not get a clear picture of the baby (he was not cooperating), so UC BABY scheduled us for a second appointment free of charge... We would highly recommend their services if you are looking to have a 3D ultrasound. 5 stars! - (Google review | 21 Nov 2016)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 17

Our appointment at UC BABY was fun and pleasurable experience. We loved seeing our little one and getting the vivid photos of her cute face, hands and feet. The regular ultrasound visits could not tell us anything! They told us that the gender couldn't be determined. We ended up having 5 medically prescribed ultrasounds and none of them could tell us. Many thanks to UC BABY. We've recommended you to family and friends! ( 12 May 2015 | Google Review)

First baby and first 3D ultrasound. We had difficulty with live broadcast and the tech who did our ultrasound took the situation in hand and everything to work on wheels! She even left some comments on the screen so viewers can understand what baby does! The Images Are very clear and beautiful. We didn't rush to choose our two photos and we were able to choose the ones we really wanted. Highly recommended! - (Facebook Review | 30 August 2018)

My husband and I, and our parents went to UC BABY yesterday. We had the most amazing experience there! The environment is so calming and welcoming. The owners are wonderful, very sweet people. We found out we are having a baby girl! Much thanks to these wonderful people, being so informative and making the experience so great! - (Facebook Review | 22 March 2018)

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We went to UC Baby and it was amazing! Our appointment was rescheduled to 8:45pm and the ultrasound tech was so nice and you could tell how much she enjoys what she does. This is our 4th baby and though our baby didn't want to cooperate, our tech was patient and still able to get some great photos! Thank you so much UC Baby for another great experience!!! - (Facebook Review | 5 December 2020)

I was the winner of the Bronze Package and went for my ultrasound at 26 weeks. I had a great experience at UC BABY! I walked in and was greeted right away and congratulated on being the contest winner. The room accommodated more people than I brought which I thought was very nice. The ultrasound tech was super friendly and showed us everything on the big screen. When the baby didnt feel like cooperating, she did everything in her power to get the baby to turn so we could get the perfect picture. I didn't feel rushed and was so happy to see our little girl! My last pregnancy I went with another company and they were awful so I was a little skeptical to try another 3D ultrasound. Very glad I did! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 1 April 2018)

I was the July 2018 Bronze Package winner & out of 3 pregnancies this ultrasound experience was the best! The staff and technician were so friendly and accommodating. They took their time & made sure we left just as excited as we came in. The pictures were so amazing, I can't wait to compare them to my little girl in a couple months. I highly recommend UC baby to any expectant mom. Thank you again for such a great experience! - (Facebook Review | 4 August 2018)

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The technology was outstanding and we couldn't believe how clear and detailed the videos and images were! We had a chance to see our very first baby in 3D and it was an experience we will cherish forever! At 25 weeks we were able to see him move around, yawn, eat his feet and kick his mama! The video broadcast was so COOL and my family enjoyed watching and listening to the whole appointment from home. The tech was AMAZING and made the experience so relaxing and enjoyable-I haven't been able to stop smiling since. I left with a DVD of the whole scan, 70 + digital images of baby and three printed out photos. I would highly recommend UC Baby Sherwood Park to everyone and will be returning to see baby number 2 in the future! (March 9, 2016 | Website submission)

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An incredible experience for my fiancé and me! It was his first time seeing the baby on ultrasound due to covid. A day to never forget. Great employees. Very welcoming, kind, knowledgeable and just made this experience even more memorable. Thank you/Merci! Highly recommended. - (Facebook Review | 16 February 2021)

We had a great 3D ultrasound experience at UC BABY, just as we did 5 years ago. My son's favorite part was listening to the heart beat, so he was very happy to take home a Heartbeat Bear. The staff is excellent and the place is very nice and comfortable. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 1 Nov 2015)