3D Ultrasound Reviews | UC BABY Clients Share their Testimonials

3D Ultrasound Reviews | UC BABY Clients Share their Stories

I would definitely recommend UC BABY Edmonton. Seeing my little pineapple's face made my heart melt. His features were so distinct and quality is amazing. Our technician took the time to build relationships and make us feel comfortable. She showed us his face, hands, feet etc it was perfect. I think I would recommend not only because of the quality but also the amazing customer service that it comes with. I will never forget the gift you have given us. Thank you ! - (Website testimonial Submission | 28 Nov 2016)

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My husband, mother, mother-in-law, grandma and I went for our 3D ultrasound on Sunday July 24th. We had the BEST experience ever. The technicians were so calm with us and took their time to show us everything (even though our baby was in a very shy mood) and explained everything that we were questioning. My sisters were watching via live broadcast and commented on how much they loved it. Thank-you so much for a wonderful experience. xoxo (25 July 2016 | Website Submission)

I attended the 3D ultrasound of my granddaughter this morning. I cannot say enough good things about this UC BABY experience. Both of the individuals that we dealt with were very kind and helpful. They were so pleasant to deal with. There were lots of different add ons to the original package but we were not pressured to purchase any of them. I highly recommend this place to any expectant parents. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 5 Aug 2017)

Absolutely amazing 3d ultrasound experience. The staff were great and atmosphere is so cozy. Got some amazing quality views of our baby girl 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 21 July 2017)

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What a wonderful experience today at UC BABY 3D Ultrasound! We are expecting our first baby boy! Such a great atmosphere. And was so nice to see our little guy! The Heartbeat Bear is just amazing to have & couldn't be happier. Thank you to everyone at UC BABY Ottawa for an unforgettable experience! 🙂 - Website Testimonial Submission | 22 March 2017

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I like the whole experience?gives you a great visual of the baby and the technician was so nice. She tried her hardest to get a picture of our little one's face but she wasn?t in the mood! You guys give a way better picture definitely makes it more real!

Rebecca P.

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Had an absolutely excellent experience at the UCBABY Vaughan location. The team was so pleasant to deal with, and really made us feel extremely comfortable. Being able to take home our baby's heartbeat with us was a very special experience. Thank you so much to the wonderful UC BABY Vaughan team!n - 2 May 2017

I had a great 3D ultrasound experience ! The technician was very patient with me and the baby and she even went beyond my time to make sure I get the best possible picture and video. I highly recommend UC BABY Ottawa! 5 Stars! - (Facebook Review | 23 feb 2016)

We had an amazing 3d ultrasound experience at UC BABY! The staff was knowledgeable and patient. Will be recommending to all our expecting friends! Great location with parking. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 21 Feb 2015)

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Amazing service. The lady described how my baby would look, it was exact! Again, great service. Very professional and fun for the family. (Facebook review | July 5, 2016)

Daniela S. UC Baby Edmonton