3D Ultrasound Reviews | UC BABY Clients Share their Testimonials

3D Ultrasound Reviews | UC BABY Clients Share their Stories

It was one of my best experiences. They made me feel really comfortable and were very patient trying to find the best view of the baby. Amazing staff! I will never forget this day. It was the first time seeing the baby's face and they know how important it is. Thank you for this wonderful experience! - Website Testimonial Submission | 20 July 2017

We had a great experience today at UC BABY for our 3d ultrasound!! We would definitely recommend it to our friends and family. The service was very professional and on time. The technician took her time to get us the perfect view of our baby! Thank you so much! - ( Facebook Review | 7 Aug 2015)

We had an awesome 3D Ultrasound experience!!! Would recommend to anyone! Loved seeing our baby girl, UC BABY did such a wonderful job. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 5 Jan 2017)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 19

I liked UC Baby because I got to finally see my baby brother/sister in 3D and 4D. My Mom showed us the black and white picture from her doctor, but it didn't even compare to the amazing pictures from UC Baby. My favorite part of the appointment was getting the Heartbeat Bear with my brother's or sister?s heartbeat inside it. I sleep with it every night, and it makes me feel that much closer to them. Thank you so much.

Cassidy R.

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 17

Absolutely love UC Baby! The staff is so wonderful and friendly! They do their best to get you some really nice pictures of your baby! I really want to go again when my babe is a bit chubbier! HIGHLY recommend going here! (July 14, 2015)

Lindsey D. UC Baby Winnipeg

it was an amazing experience with these people. The ultrasound technician is amazing and gave all the time for the baby to move and show up and give you all the time to make your experience more enjoyable. The place is really so clean and well maintained. I don't regret traveling from St. Catharines to Hamilton. Recommended for all parents! 5 stars! - (Google Review | Jan 2018)

We had to reschedule our first visit to UC BABY because our little girl was hiding her face. But the second time was an amazing experience - she was smiling away, moving around and sticking out her tongue. Thank you UC Baby Burnaby - Vancouver! -(Facebook Review | 8 June 2017) Thank you UC Baby Burnaby

Incredible 3D ultrasound experience at UC BABY! I wouldn't miss for the world. Friendly staff, great facilities, and a warm environment. Tried not to cry when I saw my child's face for the first time. --- Facebook Review | 4 Dec 2015

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 3

I like the whole experience?gives you a great visual of the baby and the technician was so nice. She tried her hardest to get a picture of our little one's face but she wasn?t in the mood! You guys give a way better picture definitely makes it more real!

Rebecca P.
UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 2

I had such a fun experience this morning. Your tech was so nice and she knew exactly where/how to look for baby to get the best images. I'm coming back at 32 weeks for another show.

Mandeep S. UC Baby Victoria