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Deciding what baby items you need and what you can skip buying for your baby could be a challenging task. It is especially more confusing if this is your first pregnancy. It seems like every year, there are new gadgets popping up that people swear you will need for your baby. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

Before your little one starts crawling, you’ll have to start babyproofing. However, you shouldn’t have to wait until your child crawls before thinking about baby-proofing your home. Chances are they’ll become mobile overnight, and you’ll be caught unprepared. So here are some helpful tips for baby proofing basics and preventing accidents. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

Are you aware of the standards for crib safety? Strictly following the safety guidelines for baby cribs can prevent accidents and injuries. Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) bans using any crib made before 1986. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

It’s totally possible to DIY your way to a beautiful baby nursery without breaking the bank. Remember the basics of decorating. Consider an appropriate color theme. Organize furniture for easy mobility and movement. Choose decor and furniture for comfort and utility. Here are more tips to get you started on your aesthetically pleasing nursery room. […]