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Happy Thanksgiving

Most often we say ‘thank-you’ when another person does something for us or gives something to us. But how often have we stopped with our daily routine to just look around and appreciate what we already have?

How often have we whispered “thank-you” while watching our children sleep?
How often have we whispered “thank-you” when we touching our pregnant belly?
How often have we whispered “thank-you” when we see our kids arrive from school?

The list of things we should be thankful for is endless. And if we look at our families with eyes of filled with gratitude for every day we are together, we would be overwhelmed by this greatest gift of life.

Our life and the life we have given birth to, is the greatest gift of existence. Conception, pregnancy, and motherhood should be celebrated with gratitude.  It is a GIFT.   Motherhood is both giving a gift and receiving a gift.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the mothers and soon-to-be mommies out there!



They say that ‘Motherhood’ changes you.’  It changes your way of seeing things. It changes your priorities in life. It changes the way you appreciate other people around you. Motherhood teaches you a kind of love you never knew existed. Yes, you love your parents and you love your spouse. But you realize the that your heart is capable of feeling so much, that it almost overwhelms you. And you experience that feeling when you become a MOTHER.

I came across this quote and I was struck by the truth of what it is saying. Only a child knows how much a mother could love.

“Only YOU will know the strength of my LOVE for you.
After all, you’re the only now who knows how my HEART sounds like from the inside.”


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Inside the 3d ultrasound room

 1-   3D ultrasound can not be done in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy:

It can be done from the beginning of the pregnancy but babies are very small at the early stage and they look like beans with tiny arms / legs. You can not see face features.

2-   3D Ultrasound uses more powerful sound waves:
3D technology uses exactly same sound waves as regular 2D ultrasound. The 3D image is re-constructed with many 2D pictures by computers. 3D sessions always start with a 2D picture.

3-   You need a full bladder for 3D ultrasound session:
3D ultrasound sessions are done with empty bladder, you can use the washrooms before your appointment.

4-   3D Ultrasound burns your baby:
Tests on different tissues show ultrasound waves can cause some temperature increase in the tissue. But these trials are done with 50-100 times more powerful ultrasound and increased exposure time. That still doesn’t cause any permanent harm. The temperature increase in the human body (mother or baby) is same as 2D ultrasound and it is very minimal, not higher than body’s own temperature changes.

5-   3D Ultrasound shows the sex better than 2D:
It is completely up to the baby’s position, some babies show better with 2D and others show clearer with 3D. Your ultrasound technician checks the gender with both techniques in order to give you the correct answer. All 3D Ultrasound machines have 2D feature, both can be used during your 3Dultrasound session.