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Despite the reluctance of some couples to find out the gender, the comments from friends, co-workers, and relatives about the “possible gender” could not really be avoided. Older and more experienced relatives would usually offer their “guesses” on baby gender prediction based on what their “great granny said”. Here are some of those “signs”:Baby Gender Prediction

  1. North or South: When you’re carrying low, it must be a boy. If you are carrying high, then it’s a girl.
  2. The Heart Tells: Legend says the heart rate has a lot to say: if it’s 140+ beats per minute, it is a girl. And if it is the less than 140 beats, then it means you’ve got a boy.
  3. Food cravings: if you find yourself craving sweets, it’s a sign that you are carrying a girl. But if you prefer the salty and sour foods, it indicates that it could be a boy. How about eating ice-cream and pickles?
  4. Zits and Beauty: Got the zits? Do you feel like you are less pretty than your usual self? They say that is an indication that you are having a girl.
  5. Morning Sickness: If you feel sick as dog, specially during that first trimester, there is a more likely chance that you are pregnant with a girl.
  6. Chinese Birth Calendar: The baby’s gender is determined by age at the month of conception. There are mothers who claim to the accuracy of this calendar, at least for their pregnancies. There are others who say that it only applies for those whose menstrual cycle runs in clockwork perfection. Try it here!
  7. Pee and Drano, Really?! : This might sound ridiculous but, it won’t hurt to find out if it works for you. Pee in a small cup, add 1 tablespoon of Drano. If the pee turns green, it’s a girl. If it turns blue, then its a boy.

Do you know of any other “Great Granny Guesses”?
Did any of these 7 “signs” work for any of your pregnancies?



by: Donna Costa, UC Baby

A Season of Giving. A Season to be Grateful.
By: Donna Costa

Christmas MessageIt is but fitting to write about gratitude at this time of the year. If we live everyday with an appreciation for what people have done for us, we would live a life of giving back to others.
We should give presents, not because we have to, but because we are grateful for the other person’s presence in our life. We should give presents as our way of sharing the celebration of life. When we keep this attitude of gratitude in mind, we would always give without counting the cost or waiting for anything in return. We would be appreciative of the little things that others do for us. We would be appreciative of the life that we have and the life that we could share with others.

As parents, we fully understand how precious it is to share the little everyday things with our children. We understand how it is to care for another person’s well-being more than we care for our own.


We understand the true meaning of “giving” when we have given that child the chance to be born and be part of  this world. You have given that chance for another life to be born, not because you have to, but because of your own appreciation of the life that has been given to you.

Treasure every moment with your family and loved ones. Be grateful for those chances to be together.

I’d like to share this beautiful poem by Patsy Gaut – “When was the Last Time”

When Was the Last Time
When was the last time I tucked you in tight?
The last time I held you in the middle of the night?
Or read you a story of pirates and kings, cowboys and dragons,
and fairies with wings?

When was the last time I dried your sad tears?
When was the last time….has it been years?
A MOTHER recalls FIRST times but LAST times may fade,
So I’ll cherish these moments and the MEMORIES we’ve made.

So I’m remembering the last tine
we stood in the rain and counted cards on a chop-choo train.
Leaving a note for Santa to see
And your wide-eyed wonder of our Christmas tree.

If I could have last times just once again
I’d write them all down with paper and pen
and read when I’m old of those SWEET precious times
we sat on your bed and read nursery rhymes

You would throw kisses to the man on the moon, my little one
You’ve grown up too soon.
So I’ll search my dreams and SWEET memories I’ll find,
as you close the door and leave a BABY behind.

Déjà vu….only on another level…..
A personal story shared by Doreen Haddad, UC Baby Montreal

Grandmother's ExperienceThe moment I laid eyes on her face….on an early cold April 2nd through my cellphone, my life changed forever. I will never forget that morning.

My husband and I were doing our routine morning preparation of coffee, breakfast and I was preparing a brown bag for lunch when my son in law called to say that Paige was born and was beautiful. Shortly the first picture arrived. Standing in the kitchen, tears swelled in both my eyes and in my husband’s eyes. We became children again, in awe of her innocent beauty cradled in Kim’s arms.

Little did I know then that Kim had struggled through her labour which resulted in a c-section.  Kim called me at the office here in Montreal later to tell me this. I cried for not being at my daughter’s side in Edmonton and for she not having what she expected and planned for, a natural child birth. But she and Paige were well and safe and that was all I cared about.

Celebrating MotherhoodSix weeks later, my husband and I flew out to meet Paige. Seeing Kim so well organized, I started to learn again after 32 years on how to take care of an infant. I asked myself didn’t I do this twice in my  life…I thought it was going to  be like  getting back on a bicycle…but to my surprise it wasn’t. Fear set in as I tied to feed and burp her. Kim was guiding me. I really felt like a newbie. It seemed that my husband Jules felt more comfortable. Paige loved being in his arms and would follow his soft demure with little smiles and gurgles of happiness.

The first year I received daily pictures, texts and was kept in the loop of every new accomplishment that Paige made.  I saw so many changes. Paige was growing, moving, smiling and experiencing new foods, her first snow fall, and making little friends.


When Paige turned 11 months her parents announced to us that they were moving to Ottawa. We were delighted that they would be closer to us. We could be more present in Paige’s life.

Each time we are together seems like a new experience. She is growing so quickly. She understands so much and has quite a large repertoire of words in her vocabulary. Paige loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. She calls him DT and points to the television. Paige also has a growing collection of books. She doesn’t go anywhere without a book.

Paige's Christmas Photo with Santa

Paige’s Christmas Photo with Santa


Christmas is coming and the excitement is starting to mount in our household. I think we grandparents are more excited for Christmas! What cookies will we bake to leave out for Santa? How will Paige react to the bright lights that will adorn the tree? Will she be excited Christmas morning when she sees what Santa left her under the tree?

Of course we will read together just before bedtime “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

I rejoice that I get to relive my youth again as a grandmother. I may be not as fast and have the same energy level I did thirty some years ago…but I come to life each time I am with her. Exploring new foods, helping to toilet train her, teaching her how to color and reading stories fulfills me. I feel renewed.


It is the same feeling I have each day here at UC Baby. Each time I listen to a baby’s heartbeat, or admire the beautiful pictures, I rejoice in the new birth, the excitement and anticipation of the new parents to be, grandparents and sometimes even the great grandparents who are gathered here at the office to witness a very special and important moment.

Life is about family. I feel blessed. I wish you all a joyous Holiday Season. Embrace those special moments.

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