UC Baby London – Testimonials

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - tongue sticking out

The staff and service are amazing! I went twice with this pregnancy, for gender determination and to see my baby's face later on in the pregnancy and the staff were amazing from start to finish! They help you pick the package that is best for you and they are so kind from start to finish! I will definitely go back with my next pregnancy and I highly recommend them. - (Website Testimonial Submission | 4 Dec 2016)

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Went in at 20 weeks for a Bronze Package. We wanted to verify gender and also get a little glimpse of what really goes on in there. I brought the whole family and we enjoyed watching our little guy move around and soothe himself to sleep by sucking his thumb. Definitely a great experience. I also seen they had a contest for a free package or a Heartbeat Bear so I entered every day and to my surprise won a bear. A great addition to have for coming years. - (Facebook Review | Nov 4, 2019)

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Called for an appointment and they got me in right away! Was treated like family as soon as we walked in the building! Very polite and wonderful people working! Everything is so clean and tidy! They listened to all my requests but went out of their ways to make things better! 10/10 would recommend and I will be going back myself in a few weeks!! Thank you guys so much for letting me see my baby girl while keeping it a surprise!! - (Facebook Review | 4 July 2018)

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We had the best experience. We went for the first appointment and baby was not having it, he kept hiding his face. They let me come back a different day and this time we could see him. Staff were very kind, patient and helpful. Thank you again! 5 stars! -- Google Review | Nov 2017

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My husband and I went for our first 3D ultrasound, and were very happy with our experience! The staff were very friendly and made us feel welcome, and our technician was very patient (our baby was being stubborn and hiding often!) and extremely kind. We would definitely recommend this experience to anyone wanting a "sneak peak" of their precious little baby. ---- 14 Jan 2017 | Website Testimonial Submission

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First time at UC Baby and I’m sad that I didn't do this with my first baby. Such an amazing experience and the people who run the place are so nice and personable. I was able to take my 4-year-old in to see the baby and help him understand more. I'm so happy I could take my kid with me. Makes it that much more real. - (Facebook Review | 27 November 2020)

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An unreal experience I got to share with my closest family members and fiancé. We all got to find out at the same time we’re having a baby girl! The tech was patient and so sweet the receptionist was also so kind and thorough of all options available! - (Facebook Review | 4 March 2018)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - tongue out

One word, AMAZING! We have 5 children already, and have never done a 3D ultrasound before. We decided to do the 16 week early gender one and they were amazing! They booked our appointment two months in advance for us and even sent us a reminder. They were so friendly with my husband and I, and even our little ones. They double checked gender three times and even took shots so I could see it all over again. We got a Heartbeat Bear, and 15 ultrasound photos and a 25 minute scan when all they are supposed to give you is 15. They were AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I seriously wish I did this before. I can't wait to go back with all of our kiddos when baby is a bit bigger to see what she looks like. 5 stars! -- Facebook Review | September 6 2017

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Such great experiences both times that I went for my appointment. The ultrasound tech is lovely and so is the gentleman at the reception desk. They are always accommodating to my schedule and very easy to book with. - (Facebook Review | 15 November 2020)

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Amazing experience!!!! The tech was very funny and spent extra time to ensure we left with some good pictures. We even drove an hour to come to this location because the service here was far superior to the one in our area. Book with them if you are considering, you will not be disappointed. - (Facebook Review | 24 Feb 2018)