UC Baby Halifax – Testimonials

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - feet

Our ultrasound tech fantastic. She did everything she could to get our little girl to move so we could see her face. Juice and chocolate helped to some degree! Baby was so stubborn though. Definitely would recommend this UC BABY 3d ultrasound service! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 19 Sept 2016)

UC Baby 3D 5D Ultrasound

Amazing staff and an amazing clinic. They were very focused on explaining to me the packages and services to provide the best one for me - which resulted in a much better deal for me. It was the most wonderful experience seeing my little bean, hearing their heartbeat, and finding out their gender. I look forward to coming back throughout my entire pregnancy. -- May 2024 | Google Review

UC Baby HD Ultrasound

The staff were fantastic and answered any questions we had. Very patient, and we didn't feel rushed or uncomfortable!! We will go back in a few months, and we cannot wait!! It is a very clean and beautifully well-decorated place! The tech went above and beyond to try to get the baby moving and get us pictures. I also definitely recommend getting the Ultimate Package and the Heartbeat Bear. We have 0 regrets!! -- April 2024 | Google Review

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - feet

I had a great time. They were very good and we all had lots of fun. We had a full group and there was lots of room for everyone. If there is anymore little ones in my future I will be coming back again. Thanks to the staff of UC BABY for the great time. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 21 June 2014)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - tongue sticking out

I recently went to UC BABY at 20 weeks for the gender reveal and then again at 29 weeks to get some cute pictures. I was completely satisified with my experience. Their flexible appointment times and pricing were fantastic, especially compared to competitors. The ultrasound tech and receptionist were both very friendly and welcoming, and you definitely have the distinct impression that the Ultrasound tech knows exactly what she's doing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 20 Sept 2015)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - foot on nose

My 3D ultrasound experience at UC BABY was amazing. The staff were great and the concept of seeing your unborn baby, hear their heartbeat and be able to share this with friends and loved ones is out of this world. I will be revisiting UC BABY for the next little miracle that comes in our lives. I strongly recommend using this service!! - (Website Testimonial Submission | 28 May 2017)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound photo gallery 13

This was the best experience me and my fiancé had today. The lady was so nice and made us feel comfortable and I loved it. I recommend anyone expecting to go to UC Baby ... and we can’t wait to come back on Feb 23. - (Facebook Review | 5 January 2021)

UC Baby 3D 5D Ultrasound

Our second time going and we absolutely loved it. The staff and technicians are the best. Highly recommended for any expecting parents and if you want to see the face features, go at 28 weeks or later! Great experience. -- May 2024 | Google Review

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound photo gallery 11

We had a great experience with UC Baby and got some cute photos of our little man! I had my ultrasound at 31weeks and the details were pretty amazing to see. Certain things were pointed out to us and there was conversation during the scan, which was really nice! Some things we may not have picked up on otherwise, so this was a plus in our eyes. The staff was friendly and the place cute & clean! - (Facebook Review | 23 January 2021)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - face resting on hand

Very friendly staff. The tech was amazing and super accommodating for our little guy who was being very stubborn:). The pictures we received were so clear. Great experience. - Website Testimonial Submission | 1 Sept 2017