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At the beginning of your third trimester, you may be wondering what new surprises your pregnancy has in store for you. Your third trimester means a lot of changes as you near the home stretch of your pregnancy.

At around your 28th week of pregnancy, you can expect more facial movement and activity from the baby. You may experience back pain, trouble sleeping, even shortness of breath.

Let’s explore what you can expect for you and your baby!

At 28 weeks of Pregnancy: The Baby

Facial Movements

Your little one has a lot more control over their faces at this stage. They can now blink. Their blinking is even accompanied by their new eyelashes! They also stick out their tongues which can sometimes be seen on a 3D or 5D ultrasounds. Babies at this stage show a lot of face movements including smiling, frowning, licking, and yawning.

Lots of Activity

Your little one is about two pounds, so you can expect some more obvious activity. Kicks, hiccups, rolling, and other movements are common. Now is a great time to start counting kicks and notice when your baby is most active.

Dreaming and Temperature Control

You’d be shocked by how hard your baby’s brain is already working. Their nervous system can now regulate their body temperature. They can also enter REM sleep. Entering REM sleep means your baby can dream!


At 28 weeks of Pregnancy: The Mom

Back Pain

As your body prepares for birth, you can develop a bit of a waddle as your pelvis and ligaments loosen. Unfortunately, this leads to back pain. It is typical to have aches and pains at this point in your pregnancy. These pains can be offset by yoga, stretches, and other exercises.

Trouble Sleeping

As your baby gets active and you get a bit more uncomfortable as you grow, having trouble sleeping is completely normal. Like with aches and pains, exercise can help. It may tire you out, relax you, or give you energy after a sleepless night.

Sensitive Skin

Your body has been going through a lot. As a result, your skin may react differently to everything you encounter. It is expected that your skin may react differently to the products you use. You may develop rashes, dry skin, oily skin, flaky skin, etc. Changing products to less harsh options may help.

Braxton Hicks

You can expect to have some of these false alarm contractions as you enter the third trimester. They should be infrequent and far apart. If not, call your OB/GYN just in case. They can be painful or subtle and are simply your body preparing for labour.

Shortness of Breath

Your baby happens to be taking up space that your other organs used to occupy. This includes your lungs and diaphragm. As your baby grows, it is expected that you would feel short of breath and have trouble catching your breath after you engage in any activity.


As your baby moves and grows, they may begin to rest on your sciatic nerve. This will cause shooting pains up and down the back of your legs. It is possible for this to last for the duration of your pregnancy or not. Heating pads can help. Bed rest may also assist in relieving some of the pain.


Just remember, you’re almost to the finish line. You have been through so much, but it will all be worth it when you hold your baby. It is also important to note that these symptoms may not show up in some people, or you may develop different symptoms. Most of these will go away eventually or after birth.



28 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Week by Week

28 weeks pregnant


Written by: Gabrielle Goldson

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