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This is an excerpt from one of my favourite children’s books of all time – The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. It says a lot about what we BECOME as mothers, as fathers, as parents.  We understand what being REAL is – getting hurt doesn’t matter, becoming ‘ugly’ doesn’t matter. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

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Love is a word that is commonly overused, misused, misunderstood, or used without  proper context. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

Motherhood is more than the status of having a child. Motherhood is a process of personal growth on its own. It takes us into a world of emotions we never knew before. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

The hardest part was not in losing you… it was in continuing to live without you. This post is dedicated to the mothers who had lost their children before they had a chance to see the beautiful world waiting for them. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

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