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Every culture views the birth of a new baby similarly. It is a time of celebration because a family has grown. However, how each culture celebrates its new arrival can be different. In this blog, we will discuss the baby birth traditions in Pakistan.

Baby birth traditions are some of the most interesting practices that reflect the beautiful and diverse cultures.  Canada has a small but growing population of Brazilians, providing us with a beautiful and comprehensive look at their culture from food to celebrations.

The postpartum stage is a difficult time for all mothers. New moms must deal with their recovering bodies as well as a new baby that needs constant attention. It is normal to have feelings of sadness and being overwhelmed. But postpartum depression is something different, which usually requires proper diagnosis and treatment.

In Canada, the birth of a baby is generally a significant celebration. Families commonly host events like baby showers, but every family ultimately celebrates a birth uniquely. In certain countries, birth customs may seem more extravagant than others as celebrations are held for certain milestones. Japan’s festivities focus on the baby’s first time, such as […]

Baby birth traditions are a great welcome to the world for a new baby. In Nigeria, the focus of the birth customs is on the baby’s future life and care for the mother. These social norms continued to be practiced when Nigerians moved to other countries, Canada included. In this blog, we will talk about […]