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As we get ready to open the UC BABY businesses in the different provinces, our priority continues to be the health safety and confidence of our clients, their families, and our UC BABY team. We want to ensure that we have protective and precautionary guidelines in place. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

COVID-19 has shown us that our frontliners are our heroes. These are the healthcare workers who have all been working tirelessly and selflessly to serve and protect the community. UC BABY would like to extend our appreciation to the frontliners. We want you to know that we appreciate and support you. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

There are an increasing number of messages and news claiming a link between COVID-19 and the new 5G networks. 5G technology transmits wireless signals with much higher speed to improve telecommunications and mobile connectivity. There are number of theories about this link. However, none of them have any scientific proof. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

Dear everyone, There is only one thing we care most about during this challenging time. And that is the health and well-being of all our clients, employees, business partners and their families.  Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

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