UC Baby Blog Christmas Joy of Giving

It is but fitting to write about gratitude at this time of the year. If we live every day with an appreciation for what people have done for us, we will live a life of giving back to others.

We should give presents, not because we have to, but because we are grateful for the other person’s presence in our life. We should give presents as our way of sharing the celebration of life. When we keep this gratitude in mind, we would always give without counting the cost or waiting for anything in return. We would be appreciative of the little things that others do for us. We would be respectful of the life that we have and the life we could share with others.

As parents, we fully understand how precious it is to share the little everyday things with our children. We know how it is to care for another person’s well-being more than we care for our own.

We understand the true meaning of “giving” when we have given that child the chance to be born and be part of this world. You have given that chance for another life to be born. Not because you have to, but because you appreciate the life that has been given to you.

Treasure every moment with your family and loved ones. Be grateful for those chances to be together.

I’d like to share this beautiful poem by Patsy Gaut – “When was the Last Time”

When Was the Last Time
When was the last time I tucked you in tight?
The last time I held you in the middle of the night?
Or read you a story of pirates and kings, cowboys and dragons,
and fairies with wings?

When was the last time I dried your sad tears?
When was the last time….has it been years?
A MOTHER recalls FIRST times but LAST times may fade,
So I’ll cherish these moments and the MEMORIES we’ve made.

So I’m remembering the last tine
we stood in the rain and counted cards on a chop-choo train.
Leaving a note for Santa to see
And your wide-eyed wonder of our Christmas tree.

If I could have last times just once again
I’d write them all down with paper and pen
and read when I’m old of those SWEET precious times
we sat on your bed and read nursery rhymes

You would throw kisses to the man on the moon, my little one
You’ve grown up too soon.
So I’ll search my dreams and SWEET memories I’ll find,
as you close the door and leave a BABY behind.