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Potty training your child can be a long and challenging process. However, they are the ones who will tell you when they are ready. When your child stays dry for long periods, asks to wear underwear, or shows interest in other people going to the bathroom, it is probably time to begin potty training.

But where do you start?

We will examine the top tips to make potty training less stressful for both parent and child. Some of these tips will be specific to boys or girls to take the guesswork out of the process.

6 Potty Training Tips for Boys

1. Use Target Practice as Incentive

Using different types of encouragement and reward systems is essential during potty training. When your son is ready to begin standing up while peeing, you can use target practice as a way to encourage aim and reward him for it. For example, you can put something circular in the bowl and have him aim for what’s inside the circle. Celebrating this accomplishment will always make him want to aim correctly.

2. Give Boys Extra Time

The difference between standing up and sitting down can be confusing for boys. It is something they need time to get used to. As a result, it is better to give them extra time in the bathroom and more time to generally get used to using their potty. It is best to start them off by sitting down for peeing. This practice will quickly introduce them into the whole process.

3. Get Dad to Demonstrate

Your baby learns how to do most things by watching you do it — whether it is eating, walking or learning facial expressions. The same rule applies when potty training. If your son sees their Dad peeing, standing up and pooping sitting down, then they will be encouraged to imitate that behaviour.


Potty Training Tips for Girls

1. Teach Her How to Wipe

Just like you, your daughter needs to know how to wipe correctly. Going from front to back is the correct way to do it, and she should learn that. If she finds it hard to remember, just start her out by patting the area dry.

2. Let Her Choose Her Underwear

Babies love the idea of being all grown up. The way to communicate that using the potty is fun is to show that they are becoming a big girl. One way to do this is by letting them choose their underwear that they get to wear instead of diapers. This follows the trend of encouraging potty training through rewards. The reward coould be a pretty and cool-looking underwear she chooses.

3. Let Her Spend Time Naked

Without diapers, your child will find it simpler to recognize her bodily cues. The diaper can be a safety net, and without it, she can learn to use the potty instead of relying on other things. If your baby is naked while playing and then occasionally sits on the potty in the same room or bathroom, then she can get used to the idea of the potty better.


Bonus Potty Training Tips: for Boys and Girls

Create a Schedule

If you create an easy-to-remember schedule for your child, boy or girl, it allows them to associate the potty with regular visits. If it seems like a routine activity that is part of their day the same way eating or sleeping is, then it will help them through the process.

Some of these tips won’t work for every child, but these can be a good start. The most vital part of the process is taking your time and letting your child tell you what they need and are comfortable with.



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Written by: Gabrielle Goldson


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