baby growth milestone


Don’t you find your little one more fun and enjoyable now? At 6 months, your baby’s character is developing and he is becoming more interesting to watch grow. When your baby starts to develop mobility, before you know it, you would find him/him walking and talking.

The following lists of “baby growth milestones” are just a general observation of what typically happens at certain development stages. Don’t worry if your child isn’t doing all the items in the list. Babies’ development varies widely. For example, early walkers start at 10 months, 10% of normal children have not walked by 15 months. This list is just a general guideline.


Babies grow in unique ways. Since babies aren’t identical, the guide allows for variations in stages of development. Use them to gain insight into what you’re observing in your baby today and what you can expect in the months ahead.


6 – 9 Months

  • baby growth milestoneRolls, crawls, and moves more quickly and skillfully
  • Transfers objects from one hand to the other
  • Understands certain words
  • Recognizes when he hears his own name
  • Repeats words you say
  • Experiments with throwing objects and watching them fall
  • Learns to look at things from different angles
  • Touches you, puts finger in your mouth
  • Begins to show attachment to the mother (as main caregiver)


9 – 12 Months

  • Crawls all around the house in all fours
  • Can stand alone. May even be walking
  • Communicates clearly. Points at objects he wants
    baby growth milestones
  • Very social at this age.
  • May play alone, but prefers company of parents often
  • May be interested in looking at books, listening to music, watching tv

12 Months

  • May weigh 3 times as much as at birth
  • Constant desire to walk and to move
  • Climbs on anything
  • Restless to dress and undress
  • Says a few words, with each one-word sentence stands for a whole thought
  • Tries feeding himself/herself


How do your baby’s development milestones compare with the list above?
Any significant growth milestone he/she has displayed that was uniquely his/hers?
Which activities did you enjoy most at each stage of development?