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Loved my experience at UC Baby! The staff were friendly and accommodating. It was an amazing experience and the photo and Heartbeat Bear are a definite keepsake. Highly recommend UC BABY and I will definitely come back for future pregnancies. - (Facebook Review | 22 August 2018)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 20

It was such an awesome experience. The baby wouldn't cooperate but the lady there was so patient. They explained everything in detail. Also booked me for another appt next week as we couldn't see the full face of the baby. We would highly recommend this place to any expecting mother. Thanks again. - 15 March 2017 | Website Testimonial Submission

My 3D ultrasound experience at this location was beyond amazing! My family and I are so thankful for all the patience the technician had with our baby. We are so happy and we will definitely return. - (Website Testimonial Submission | 5 June 2017)

Very friendly staff! They were prompt at booking an appointment and sent me a confirmation text message the day before my appointment. The staff was excellent at describing the packages and helping me select one. Family is welcome for the ultrasound! The technician was very funny and talking to the baby to have her move. All the pictures were shared with me online before I left. I would highly recommend this place! - (Google Review | August 2018)

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I bought a gift certificate for my friend's first baby from the UC Baby Mississauga location. The process was extremely easy, and the experience very gratifying. The baby was camera-shy when my friend first went and baby wouldn't take a decent pictur. The friendly staff were very accommodating and booked a second appointment free of charge.We now have a beautiful picture of unborn baby Alex to forever cherish 🙂 Thank you UC Baby for giving us a glimpse into our future. Keep up the great work!

I received a gift card from a client so I booked an appointment at the UC BABY. The staff were very friendly and helpful. On my first visit the baby had his legs in front of its face so unfortunately we didn't see much. The tech let us rebook for a second visit. This time the baby was fully asleep. They gave me cold water and donuts to eat to wake the baby up. But again, we unsuccessful in getting good shots. The ladies allowed me to come back one more time. On this third visit, the hands were in front of the face, but we were more successful in seeing the baby's face. The UC BABY staff, both the tech and the office receptionist, were very kind and patient and I appreciate them taking the time to show me my little peanut. I would definitely go back to UC BABY! - Website Testimonial Submission | 19 Sept 2017

We had our appointment for a 3D/4D ultrasound at UC BABY Mississauga last Saturday, and everything was well worth it. We were really excited to finally see our baby move, and we got a little extra with seeing her yawn and stick out her tongue. We were also thrilled when the technician told us that it's a girl. The experience was so amazing that we purchased the Heartbeat Bear and the USB, and we got the DVD with the baby's activities as well. Everyone at the clinic was great, and the instant you walk in you can feel the warm welcome they provide. The technician was very patient with our baby not wanting to co-operate, and she took extra time to give us the best possible image of the little one. We would recommend all expecting moms to come and visit the clinic for the most amazing experience. Thanks to all the staff at UC Baby Mississauga for an unforgetable day. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 24 April 2015)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 18

I recently went to UC Baby. The customer service here is fantastic. I cannot remember my tech's name but they were all so wonderful so kind-hearted and so easy to talk to. I would recommend this location to anyone wanting to go. (August 29.2015 | Facebook review)

Chantal E. UC Baby Mississauga

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 20

Awesome experience ! They really take the time to get you a great picture of your baby 🙂 and explain everything you're seeing on the screen ! (November 20, 2015 | Facebook review)

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It wasn't our first time to visit UC Baby Mississauga. We first came here when I was pregnant with our first-born son in 2011 and our experience of seeing all the details of our baby boy in my womb and listening to his heartbeat was amazing! As first time parents, both my husband and I got really emotional seeing our baby in my womb -- it did bring tears to our eyes. And now that we are having our 2nd child (a baby girl this time), we both wanted to avail of the same service and this time with the big brother who was really excited to see his baby sister! The technician was really nice and friendly; she was doing her best to capture our baby's face but our little princess was trying to hide. We appreciated that we were offered a second session because our little girl was covering her face with her hands and feet on the first try. Thank God our baby girl was more cooperative the 2nd time around and we were able to capture better pictures and video which we showed to her grandparents as soon as we got home. And what a surprise when Sarah handed us a bag full of brochures and small gifts before we left! (Sept 23, 2015 | Website submission)