UC Baby Mississauga – Testimonials

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound photo 5

UC Baby Mississauga location was incredible. Easy process, friendly staff and a great total experience. This was my 3rd visit at UC baby, and I recommend them to everyone. – (Facebook Review | Oct 3, 2019)

We had a great 3D ultrasound experience at UC BABY, just as we did 5 years ago. My son's favorite part was listening to the heart beat, so he was very happy to take home a Heartbeat Bear. The staff is excellent and the place is very nice and comfortable. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 1 Nov 2015)

We had a wonderful experience finally seeing our daughter for the first time in 3D today at UC BABY! This was our 3rd attempt (the first 2 our daughter did not want to cooperate). The staff had absolutely no issues rescheduling our appointments, was very understanding and accommodating beyond our expectations! We did not feel rushed with the technician. She was very knowledgeable, and took time to explain what we were seeing on the large screens! We were provided with pictures on a USB, and a video of the session (together with the pictures) that was uploaded on their our online accounts minutes later for us to enjoy and download! This is an unforgettable experience, thank you guys for making it extra special for us! Highly recommend! 5 stars! - (Google Review | April 2018)

I bought a gift certificate for my friend's first baby from the UC BABY Mississauga location. The process was extremely easy, and the 3D ultrasound experience very gratifying. The baby was camera-shy when my friend first went and baby wouldn't take a decent picture. The friendly staff were very accommodating and booked a second appointment free of charge. We now have a beautiful picture of unborn baby Alex to forever cherish 🙂 Thank you UC BABY for giving us a glimpse into our future. Keep up the great work! - (Facebook Review | 24 April 2014)

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Went for a gender scan on Wednesday. Kept it a surprise but my sister in law found out! We loved our experience, couldn’t recommend it enough! Cant wait to come back and see our beautiful girl again – (Facebook Review | July 20th, 2019 )

Amazing experience at UC BABY! Wonderful and friendly staff, very informative. Made sure we knew everything we were looking at on the screen. Such a great morning finding out the gender of our second baby! The staff made the experience very special for all of us! - (Google Review | July 2018)

I had the most amazing 3D ultrasound experience here. It was filled with so much emotion and happiness. The ultrasound technicians where so sweet and treated my family and I great ! Thank you so much. 5 stars! -(Facebook Review | 4 June 2017)

We had our appointment for a 3D/4D ultrasound at UC BABY Mississauga last Saturday, and everything was well worth it. We were really excited to finally see our baby move, and we got a little extra with seeing her yawn and stick out her tongue. We were also thrilled when the technician told us that it's a girl. The experience was so amazing that we purchased the Heartbeat Bear and the USB, and we got the DVD with the baby's activities as well. Everyone at the clinic was great, and the instant you walk in you can feel the warm welcome they provide. The technician was very patient with our baby not wanting to co-operate, and she took extra time to give us the best possible image of the little one. We would recommend all expecting moms to come and visit the clinic for the most amazing experience. Thanks to all the staff at UC Baby Mississauga for an unforgetable day. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 24 April 2015)

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Very accommodating personnel.. good customer service.. clean and well-maintained location.. over-all a wonderful experience for parents to be.. My husband and I went there few days ago (28 gestational weeks). At first, our baby doesn’t want to cooperate and keeps on hiding her face. They are so patient with us and gave us another try. During our second round of scanning, we got really good pictures. We are so happy to see how our baby is doing inside the tummy. Few minutes after, we were given a link to the website were all the pictures are uploaded. We are very satisfied with the service. Highly recommended! - (Facebook Review | | Oct 4, 2019)

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Awesome experience ! They really take the time to get you a great picture of your baby 🙂 and explain everything you're seeing on the screen ! (November 20, 2015 | Facebook review)