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UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - arms on face

We had our first visit today at 25 weeks. The entire experience was incredible. It was so amazing seeing our little guy up close and personal. We purchased the Gold Package, USB recording and the Heartbeat Bear- so worth every penny. The staff was so friendly and made us all feel so welcome. We had 6 people in total and were told to bring all our family and friends. The facility is warm and inviting we will definitely recommend to family and friends. The ultrasound technician was super friendly and spoke to baby the entire visit. Our little guy was not very cooperative but she took so much time to make sure we got to see everything we wanted and get some great photos and videos. The gentleman at the front was very kind and made sure everything went smoothly from setting up the appointments to making sure we selected our favourite photos to print at the end. We are looking forward to our second visit in September. Overall we are more than pleased with the service and definitely will return. Thank you!! - Website Testimonial Submission | 24 July 2017

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Wonderful! My wife and I were blown away by the level of hospitality, consideration and genuine care we were shown during our visit today. The 3D ultrasound technician (never got her name) was one of the sweetest and most comforting people we have experienced. Mo was very friendly and extremely warm and welcoming. Not every experience during pregnancy is enjoyable but this experience was outstanding and we recommend it to everyone. Thank you both. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 10 April 2017)

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Such an incredible experience! So happy I won a free Heartbeat Bear session and upgraded it to the Silver Package! Definitely recommend. It was so worth it. Very friendly staff, very clean and organized, and truly made me feel like a queen! - (Facebook Review | 16 October 2020)

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The staff was amazing , so caring and personable . My son was with us and they made him feel right at home. He even got to help with the ultrasound. The Tech was so incredibly nice and makes you feel so comfortable . She was patient and it took time but we ended up finding out the gender! I would definitely recommend. -- Facebook Review| October 11 2017

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Easy to make an appointment, nice to speak with and very easygoing on working out the best package for you. Was extremely happy with my experience and recommend it for any friends. - (Facebook Review | 22 Jan 2018

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We got the Gold Package with Gender Determination and added photos, DVD and the Heartbeat Bear and it is worth every penny. We could not have been happier with our experience! The technician and the office manager are extremely friendly and funny. They entertained all our guests and we all had such a memorable time. They made the experience so exciting!! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I highly recommend anyone who is pregnant to do it. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 20 Aug 2017)

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My wife and I went here for our 3D ultrasound. This is our first child and first 3D ultrasound experience, and I must say, could not have been a better experience. Warm and welcoming the moment you step into the building and the lady that does the ultrasound was even better. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED if you are looking for a 3D ultrasound place. – (Google Review | 10 October 2021)

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We went to the UC Baby Hamilton today. We got to see our gorgeous baby before we can finally hold her. And we are so glad about the experience we had. The staff are so amazing as well as the sonographer who is so nice. We are satisfied with their service, and we highly recommend them. - (Google Review | 6 September 2021)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - hand on eye

Absolutely loved my experience! Excited for my second visit in September! The staff there are amazing, very professional and welcoming! I would recommend UC BABY Hamilton 100%. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 15 August 2017)

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Couldn't be happier with their services! My little guy was extremely difficult and they worked with me to make sure I got forever pictures of my baby 🙂 I would recommend them 100%. - Feb 24, 2017 | Facebook Review

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