Valentines Day Message

Love is a word that is commonly overused, misused, misunderstood, or used without  proper context.

We say “I love chocolates!” Do you really “love” chocolates? “I love shoes and purses!” Do you really feel “love” for your shoes and purses?

We also fall trap to “falling in love” so easily, and falling out of if at the first sign of misunderstanding or disappointment, or disillusion. We all seek to find that unconditional love, only to realize that in most romantic interactions, we can only do our best to make our intention unconditional. It is a state of love we seek, but also a state that we could only work our best towards its fulfillment.

We somehow have given up and have accepted that unconditional love is only dream, an idea that we have only read in fairytale stories.

We only realize that the unconditional LOVE we seek is possible and REAL when we feel that kick in our belly and feel the pulse of that heartbeat.

By: Donna Costa, UC Baby Marketing