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Every culture views the birth of a new baby similarly. It is a time of celebration because a family has grown. However, how each culture celebrates its new arrival can be different. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest2emailPrint

Baby birth traditions are some of the most interesting practices that reflect the beautiful and diverse cultures.  Canada has a small but growing population of Brazilians, providing us with a beautiful and comprehensive look at their culture from food to celebrations. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest2emailPrint

Baby birth traditions tend to reflect the culture of the country that they take place in. France’s baby birth traditions are consistent with the spirit and essence of France. From bureaucracy to the type of pregnancy celebrations they take part in, the traditions are quintessentially French. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest3emailPrint

Baby birth traditions are some of the most beautiful customs and practices around the world. India is a country full of beautiful ceremonies, traditions and culture. Baby birth traditions in India put primary importance on the baby’s firsts – first head shave, first words, first ear piercing, firsts words to hear. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest2emailPrint

Childbirth or labour (aka Parturition) is a natural process of delivering a baby. It is divided into 4 stages of labour, with 3 phases of childbirth for the first and longest stage. There is Early Labour, Active Labour, and Transitional Phase. Each woman has a different labour experience. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest2emailPrint

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