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It’s no secret that parenthood is a full-time job. With all the time and energy that motherhood consumes, it’s easy to forget about putting time aside for yourself. While you’re likely focusing on your baby, supporting your well-being is important too.

Postpartum self-care can be practiced in many ways and will look different for every mom. Some moms may prefer to have alone time, while others may participate in personal hobbies in their leisure time. Here are some practices you can consider incorporating into your routine; you deserve it!

1. Follow a Skincare Routine

Although everyone’s postpartum skin is different, it may take some time for your skin to return to its “normal” state. Practice a routine that includes applying sunscreen, cleansing your skin twice a day, hydrating your body, and moisturizing well. You can also consider investing in a humidifier, which will help add moisture to your home. This What to Expect article provides more information about addressing different postpartum skin conditions.

2. Set Aside “Me Time”

If you can get help with childcare, setting aside time for yourself is a great way to wind down. Consider kicking your electronics to the curb to allow for distraction-free time. This time can be spent doing anything from getting some rest, taking up your favourite hobby, reading, taking a bath, or partaking in other activities you enjoy.

3. Exercise

Most moms won’t have the time to follow a rigorous fitness routine, and that’s all right. Simple activities, like going for a walk or participating in low-impact sports like yoga or swimming, will suffice. You can bring your baby along to enjoy some bonding time, or you may simply want this time to yourself. Of course, you want to ease into these activities and ensure that you follow your practitioner’s directions regarding postpartum exercise.

4. Journal

Journaling can be a great way to document your current feelings and thoughts. You may not have a lot of leisure time to write, so you can keep your entry as simple as you desire. You can incorporate journaling at the beginning of your day, throughout your day, or at the end of it. This will allow you to take note of your state of mind and, hopefully, self-reflect on your well-being. According to this study, journaling can also be a great way to relieve anxiety and depression.

5. Invest in Recovery Products

Considering all the changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy, don’t underestimate the power of recovery products. These items can help soothe your postpartum body and promote healing. Although every mother’s needs will differ, some common recovery products to consider are investing in nursing bras, nipple pads and creams, postpartum underwear, and a peri bottle. This What to Expect article provides excellent recommendations for the aforementioned items and more essentials.

6. Build a Support System

One of the best ways to look after yourself and your baby postpartum is by creating a solid support system. Don’t be afraid to ask for or accept help from your loved ones. Hopefully, they’ll be able to alleviate some stress and assist you with tasks like childcare and errands.

Further, you can consider joining a support group for moms. These meetings may be in person or on a virtual platform like Facebook. This is a fantastic outlet to ask questions, build relationships with other mothers, and share experiences in a comfortable environment.



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Written by: Alicia Chow

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