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I had my 3D ultrasound done at this location at 25 weeks. I must say this was an amazing experience! The technician explained everything thoroughly, and made us feel so comfortable. The place is super clean, and of course just like anywhere you may have to wait a little bit. It is well worth the wait! The technician got amazing pictures of our little girl. I recommend purchasing the USB stick so you can have all of the pictures the technician gets! The video is also amazing, being able to see your baby moving around in there it's unreal. Highly recommend UC Baby! - (Website Testimonial Submission | 25 April 2016)

Good experience! Our baby was being very stubborn during the ultrasound (he didn't want to show us his face) but the ultrasound technician was very patient and tried many techniques so we could get a good picture of him. We ended up with a couple pictures and couldn't be happier! 4 stars! - (Google Review | 22 July 2016)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound photo 11

We had an excellent experience at UC Baby! The sonographer who works in the evenings is extremely professional and you can tell she thoroughly enjoys her job. She was kind and extremely generous. I would highly recommend this location to anyone looking for a pregnancy 3D ultrasound package. - (Google Review | 23 August 2021)

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I am so happy with my experience today at UC Baby. I really want to thank our technician. She is a professional and amazing person. She made our experience unforgettable and marvellous. She had a lot of patience with me and my little princess. For sure I will be back in a month before my due date to try to capture more amazing memories !!!! Thank you very very much UC Baby for the best experience during my pregnancy. This day will be in our memory forever. - (Website Submission | 23 Dec 2020)

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I had a wonderful experience at UC BABY Vaughan. The receptionist and the technician were friendly and patient. I went in for a 15-min session but the tech was nice and genuine enough to push it to 30 mins as we had trouble seeing our baby’s face. I would highly recommend this place to anyone! – (Google Review | | Oct 2019)

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Such an amazing experience from start to finish! Very organized, was updated about my appointment and my live broadcasting via email. Very quick to respond to my questions and concerns and upon arrival it was nothing but a great experience. The ultrasound technician was a pleasure to work with and she worked effortlessly to get us the perfect pictures of our baby girl. I would recommend UC Baby Vaughan again and again. (May 18, 2016 | Website submission)

Krystina Z. UC Baby Vaughan

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Absolutely a great experience. I will remember it for the rest of my life. Loved how welcoming the workers were and instantly made you feel comfortable. She did a great job ensuring I was satisfied with the pictures we took. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. ( May 18, 2016 | Website submission)

Ivanna Z. UC Baby Vaughan

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 20

We went to the Vaughan location for 3d/4d ultrasound. At 30 weeks, we received amazing pics and video. So in love with our baby girl Emily. The staff was great and the ultrasound technician friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, a great experience. (May 29, 2016 | Website submission)

Diana L. UC Baby Vaughan

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound photo gallery 13

My husband and I loved the experience. After multiple attempts to confirm the gender, we decided to try a 3D ultrasound. Not only was the gender confirmed, but we also got to see how the baby was growing. The technician was very friendly and kind and made us feel comfortable. I would highly recommend it. Definitely with it. - (Website submission | 20 Dec 2020)

3D Ultrasound tech was great both times I went. Once at 16 weeks and the other at 25 weeks. Will definitely go again for my second baby. 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 10 July 2017)

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