UC Baby Abbotsford – Testimonials

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Had a great experience at UC Baby Abbotsford! Very friendly. Gave us lots of time to see our little baby, such a blessing. Thank you to the staff for being so kind. - (Google Review | 26 August 2021)

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Amazing experience being able to see our first baby! They even accommodated our request for 2d instead of 3D Ultrasound at 23w. We will definitely go to UC Baby again! - (Google Review | 27 August 2021)

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We had such an amazing experience at UC Baby. Our tech was awesome in helping us find out the gender. With COVID, it has been awful not having my husband coming to appointments. But at UC Baby, my husband was able to see our little one before they were born. - (Facebook Review | 16 January 2021)

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It was lots of fun for the older kids. And was great to find out gender and to see baby. The staff was great and friendly and when the internet didn't work, they figured out a way around the problem to make things work for us. - (Website Testimonial Submission | 27 May 2017)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - tongue sticking out

Awesome expierence!! Would totally recommend! Awesome quality photos! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 6 Feb 2018)

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it was a great experience. They were super nice and my mom loved it. She got to see her grandson. i will recommend UC BABY for my friends and family! -(Google Review | 13 June 2017)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Image - tongue sticking out

My husband and I have just been to UC BABY Abbotsford location today. We had a amazing life-like pictures of my unborn baby girl. Technician showed 3D Ultrasound with incredible details and clarity.She also allowed us quite time to absorb what we were seeing. We also got 4D Ultrasound and recorded on the usb memory stick. It allows me to view my baby's movements inside my womb.This was unforgettable experience for my family.I will highly recommend this place to my friend and family members. I am truly impressed with the service I received from UC BABY ABBOTSFORD! 5 stars! - (Google Review | 15 Nov 2014)

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My wife and I were here yesterday morning and had a pleasant experience. Booking the appointment over the phone was easy, and they were flexible with appointment times. Staff was super friendly and the technician did a great job. We opted for the silver package. They threw in a few extra freebies (baby supplies), which are always great to help you figure out what you need (especially since it's our first). My wife was provided with paper towels to wipe the gel off once finished. The technician captured 74 images. As long as I get several good ones out of all those, I'm happy. All in all, great experience. Will definitely be back for all of our future 3D Ultrasounds. 5 stars! - (Google Review | 11 June 2017)

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I've been to UC BABY Abbotsford with my partner last week, it was a great 3d ultrasound experience!The technician was very nice and gave us very clear picture of our unborn baby. It was an amazing experience and I recommend this place for every pregnant woman! My parents were in Ontario and they were viewing our session on live broadcasting, it was a great opportunity for them to see their grandchild. Thank you again, UC BABY! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 14 Jan 2015)

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My first experience was 10/10. I did a Gender Reveal, and I was thrilled with the whole experience from start to finish. My second visit was for the 3D ultrasound. I chose the Bronze package, and in hindsight, I wish I selected the Silver or Gold. Either way, this experience was even better! I brought my partner and younger child. It's such a comfortable setting for us all. There is great seating for the guests and a huge monitor for us all to view this exciting event. My little one wasn't cooperating, but that didn't stop the ultrasound tech. She gave me juice, had me move around and made us all laugh as she tried to get the baby to move so we could get a perfect picture. This long surpassed our time and truly gave us the best value. I'm very grateful for the image and her dedication to this special moment. Thank you!! 5 stars! -- Sept 2023 | Google Review