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Huge rave to the UC BABY Edmonton location! Had a 3D ultrasound today at a different place and they weren't able to find the gender... I called UC BABY and they were able to squeeze me in 2 hours later and found the sex! So friendly and super fast! Would highly reccommend to anyone! 5 stars! - (Facebook Review | 13 Dec 2016)

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Soo cool and worth it! I definitely recommend any first time parents to get one of these done. It makes everything so much more real seeing your little one in 3D. - Jan 25, 2017 | Facebook Review

Ashley F. UC Baby Edmonton

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I didn't know it at the time of our appointment but I had very low amniotic fluid (which I was later hospitalized for and almost induced early because of). Despite the challenge of trying to get clear images while my amniotic fluid was so low your staff was patient, courteous and friendly! My husband was working out of town at the time and it meant SO much to us that he was able to take part via the internet and still see our baby and hear us and talk to us! Our experience was a highlight to an emotional and somewhat challenging pregnancy and on top of it we were very impressed with the images we received ❤️ --- 18 January 2017 | Website Testimonial Submission

i would highly recommend UC BABY to anyone. I went here three times with my three kids! The best part is even if family is on the other side of the world or just in other provinces they email you a link to your email where you then send to your family and friends and they get to access the session online or on an iphone from where ever they are. My husband would have missed all three ultrasound experiences if it wasn't for their FREE live broadcasting services. They made it possible for all my family from east to north of Canada to be involved and it made the experience great. Awesome staff...Same lady sonographer for all three of my kids. As early as 16 weeks they can find out gender and they give you time to view your baby's movements and personality and how they are doing inside your tummy (its such a connecting time). They also give you a DVD and a few printed pictures. Another option that was available was for myself or the other siblings they could get a Heartbeat Bear in blue or pink with a recording of my baby's heart beat in it (soooo sweet and important to build attachment for siblings and family and myself). Hearing the heart beat is awesome and to be able to hear it anytime after your session is an amazing experience. If you are a person that just can't wait to find out the gender, or if you don't want to know ...or you only want certain people to know, they are very sensitive and understanding of what you want and they make it happen. I went at 16 weeks for a gender reveal and will go back at 25 weeks to get even more detailed pictures Thanks UC BABY x 3!!!! - Website Testimonial Submission | 15 July 2017

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound Photo 21

Amazing service. The lady described how my baby would look, it was exact! Again, great service. Very professional and fun for the family. (Facebook review | July 5, 2016)

Daniela S. UC Baby Edmonton

UC BABY is really awesome! The services that they provide are memories you can keep! Awe i love the technician, she is very nice, friendly and she did excellent photos and videos of our baby ! Excellent costumer service! Getting this service gives you peace of mind and so much joy!I Couldn't stop watching our baby's video! I highly recommend UC BABY to all moms-to-be! 10 star if possible! - (Facebook Review | 12 Feb 2018)

Just had our 3/4D ultrasound yesterday....what an amazing experience! We made a last minute appointment and were accommodated without hesitation from the staff. We received helpful tips over the phone plus reminder text messages to ensure we had the best session possible. The environment is clean, relaxing and well laid out to accommodate a bigger group. The tech was kind, knowledgeable and funny. She really went the extra mile to ensure the other 3 kids we had in tow felt welcomed and included in the session. Her expertise, patience and genuinely caring personality ensured things went smoothly and that our experience was above and beyond all expectations!!!! Package price (there was a special) felt like a steal compared to the experience of seeing your baby in real time inside the womb and the added bonus of having beautiful pictures and video to keep....highly recommend UC BABY! - (Google Review | August 2018)

This was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had! Thank you to the technician who made this such a fun event for me and my family especially for the amazing price we paid! The pictures are so realistic and seeing the live video is surreal! Can't wait to return in the future! 5 stars! -- Google Review | Oct 2017

Wow it's been awhile ( a whole year!) but I was looking through my stuff and found a picture from this place, so what the hey, mays well throw it on. This was a great experience. I didn't do it with my first (7 years ago) but I decided to do it with this one. I went to get my ultra sound at a "normal" clinic and they couldn't see a lot. He was really uncooperative. I wanted to know 100% what I'm having. So I called these guys! It was, what felt like hours, a great way to see your baby in your belly up on the big screen. They seen that he was a boy almost immediately and offer a 100% guarantee on the sex of the baby. You can see a really good picture of what they look like, their mannerisms and even the hair! Crazy what technology can do. Also pretty neat that if your family lives away and can't be there to see, they can stream it online for them to watch exactly what you're watching in real time. Of course though, everything comes with a price. And this isn't a small tag it's very pricey. But How can you put a price on something special as having a baby? You can't. Very highly recommended for the new moms! Bring your tissues because I ( and my husband lol) were tearing up the whole time. Very emotional and beautiful time. 4 stars! - ( Yelp Review | 14 April 2014)

Amazing experience! Every second was worth watching from fingers, toes, breathing and every little movement that the babe would do inside. It was an unforgettable moment spent at UCBaby Edmonton. Highly recommended. - (Facebook Review | 18 August 2018)