UC Baby Mascots – Lucy & Lucas

UC Baby Mascots Lucy ad Lucas

Meet Lucy & Lucas.

Lucy & Lucas are UC Baby’s new brand mascot. They are created to enhance and emphasize UC Baby’s commitment to giving Canadian families a memorable experience of pregnancy. You will see the twins in official UC Baby content materials, from gift cards and Gender Reveal cards to social media postings.

Lucy & Lucas have joyful life in their mom’s womb. They have already developed their own personalities and have their own unique activities inside. We will present them in their unique movements as singles or together as twins.

Nice and snug in mom’s belly, Lucas is the more active one. He likes to practice soccer at night and sleep during the day. He enjoys sucking his own toes and prefers to lie on his mom’s right side.

Lucy, being quiet and calm, loves to stretch every 10 minutes, yawns a lot and loves to play with her umbilical cord. She’s claimed mom’s left side.

Tune in to learn more about intra-uterine life through UC Baby’s Lucy & Lucas!