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One of the most rewarding parts of being a parent is watching your kids develop their motor skills over time. Developing these skills will allow your baby to do things by themselves such as eating and dressing up. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

The toddler years are full of exploring, discovery and significant milestones. Your toddler is now learning to eat more solid foods and is more active. Good nutrition is imperative when it comes to growth, health, and energy for learning and playing.  This is why it’s important to encourage that development with the right fuel (good kid-friendly foods). […]

Baby speech milestones happen slowly over time. While you and your baby should not feel pressure to accelerate the child’s progress, it is crucial to know when certain milestones will be reached. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint

Baby Proofing requires attention to detail. Children love to explore and discover new things. Unfortunately, a lot of things babies are curious about can hurt them. Share:Facebook0GoogleTwitterPinterest0EmailPrint