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This experience blew my mind! The lady was very friendly and even told me what I'm having. It was a great experience, and I will definitely be booking a 3D ultrasound closer to my due date! Thank you so much for this, the Heartbeat Bear is the cutest thing ever! They go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy this precious moment! - (Facebook Review | 30 October 2020)

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Being able to find out the gender of our baby with my husband in the room was the best experience since I found I was pregnant! It is such an awesome way to see the baby! The tech who did the ultrasound was so nice and was excited with us the whole time. I couldn’t be happier. Especially during Covid, I 100% recommend coming here at least once during your pregnancy. I cried the whole time! Definitely worth the extra money! - (Facebook Review | 7 January 2021)

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We had such a beautiful experience at this location. Staff are professional and really do their best to explain everything you are seeing. I loved that it was less medical than our normal ultrasound and that we could enjoy looking at our baby and all of his features. Definitely recommend UC Baby Newmarket. – (Google Review | June 2019)

UC Baby 3D Ultrasound photo 12

UC Baby Newmarket was absolutely amazing. The ultrasound tech was the sweetest woman ever, she was very positive and enthusiastic even when the baby wasn’t cooperating. She was patient and would try everything to make the baby cooperate. I would 100% recommend people to come here and I will definitely be coming here in the future! - (Google Review | 9 August 2021)

Nicole D. UC Baby Newmarket

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We had our 3D Ultrasound today at UC Bay, and it was wonderful!! She was so kind and patient, and it was an amazing experience to have with my family. My husband and kids really enjoyed getting to see and watch the baby. Thank you so much for all of your kindness and patience. We love the Heartbeat Bear that we won in the UC Baby contest - a beautiful memory for us to have. Thank you, UC Baby!! - (Facebook Review | 5 February 2021)

Wonderful atmosphere and very welcoming and inviting personnel. We had the anatomy scan elsewhere and the baby refused to cooperate. My other two kids never gave me that issue so I was devastated (thanks hormones) and called UC Baby from the parking lot. The call went to voicemail, but I did not leave a message. They called me back anyways and were able to fit me in for a gender scan and were successful! It's a girl! Either way would've been fine but I’m a planner and needed to know. So, I signed up for their contest and I actually WON! We just left after having our Bronze Package 3D ultrasound and paid the extra to get the video. Baby still wasn't overly cooperative with her hands and feet on her face, but they were super patient and managed to get a lot of good photos. Definitely recommend UC Baby Newmarket! - (Google Review | 15 August 2021)

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I just had my 3D ultrasound with UC Baby Newmarket. I was so thrilled to have won the Bronze Package. We wanted to confirm the gender of our baby, but we got to experience so much more. The tech was so patient when our little one wanted to snuggle and play with her hands more than she wanted to show her face. It was amazing to see our baby in action and made me more excited to meet her. Thank you UC Baby, it was truly an experience that me and my family enjoyed. Will definitely recommend you for any friends who are looking into 3D ultrasounds. – (Facebook Review | Sept 8, 2019)

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Got my heartbeat bear and it is truly something special. Everyone I have shown it to is in awe of it. Had the most wonderful experience at this clinic and the ladies were so kind and caring. Highly recommend this place! This is truly the best contest I have ever won! Thank you UC Baby Newmarket! – (Facebook Review | | June 13th, 2019)