pregnancy swollen feet

Here are 10 pregnancy truths nobody tells  you about – bigger breasts, bigger feet, sensitive sense of smell, or what happens during your first ultrasound, etc.

1. Your First Pregnancy Ultrasound


The first ultrasound scan for your pregnancy can be done by through your vagina, which is called transvaginal ultrasound. It is the most accurate way of measuring the baby’s size in the early stages of pregnancy. It would be very different experience than what you see on the movies. The baby would not look like a baby.


2. Need for more Sleep


You will need more sleep starting from early weeks of pregnancy. Don’t be surprised if you lie down on the couch for an afternoon nap but wake up the next morning with a solid sleep.

3. Morning Sickness


Most of morning sickness of pregnancy doesn’t happen in the mornings. In deed, it happens anytime during the day or night.

4. Sensitive Sense of Smell

Your sense of smell gets very intense with pregnancy. Don’t be surprised if you cannot stand your partner’s cooking in the kitchen or if you throw up when you are picking up the garbage bags. Keep wedge of lemon close to your nose to handle it.

5. Bigger and Sore Breasts

Your breasts would not get only bigger in size during the pregnancy, they would also be very sore. Your regular underwire bras can be very uncomfortable. Most likely you would need to upsize your bra.

6. Bigger Feet, Too!


Your feet would get bigger in size at the end of the pregnancy and it would never shrink back to pre-pregnancy size. Your new shoe size would be permanent.

7. Wear slip-ons!

Don’t buy any shoes with laces, get slip-ons. After second trimester, you won’t be able to bend down to tie your shoes. Also, when you carry the baby, you won’t be able to tie your shoe laces.

8. Pregnancy Talks

People around you would perceive everything differently, they would be more polite to you. But all their excited talk would be about your pregnancy, belly and the baby.

9. Baby’s First Kick


Feeling the first kick of the baby would be an amazing feeling. Afterwards, you will be worried so many times when the baby is in quite mode.

10. It’s all about the Baby!


Once you deliver the baby, nobody wants to hear about your pregnancy. All the interest would shift to your new arrival.