UC Baby Special Offer

Save $30 with our *️⃣ Most Popular *️⃣ 3D/HD 5D Pregnancy Ultrasound package.

Purchase a Silver Package ($199) and Heartbeat Bear ($35), and get a USB copy of the recorded session for FREE (valued at $30).

    • Receive a FREE USB copy of the recorded session (valued at $30)
    • Receive FREE Live Broadcast service
    • Receive FREE Video on Demand
Please note that HD 5D Ultrasound is available only in select UC Baby Locations.

Remember, this offer holds no cash value and can’t be used as payment credit for other packages. Plus, it’s not stackable with any other offers or location-specific deals. So take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to create cherished memories!



Silver + Heartbeat Bear Special Offer


3D/5D Ultrasound Silver Package

Experience the joy of seeing your baby with our Silver Package. This popular package allows you to witness your little one’s development and offers the option to discover their gender if you wish. Plus, you’ll receive stunning, high-quality images that capture these precious moments forever.  Choose the Silver Package and cherish every heartbeat, every smile, and every milestone along your journey to parenthood.


*️⃣ 30-min 3D/4D/HD ultrasound session.
*️⃣ Baby’s Gender Reveal, upon request
*️⃣ Watching baby’s activities
*️⃣ Listening to baby’s heartbeats
*️⃣ 3D Images in a secure client online account
*️⃣ Printed 4 x 6 photos (2 photos)
*️⃣ FREE Repeat session if gender is not determined and/or face is hidden during the initial session

UC Baby Heartbeat Bears®

When a parent first hears their little one’s heartbeat, it’s a moment that fills the heart with joy and wonder. At UC Baby, we believe every parent deserves to relive that magical experience again and again. That’s why we offer the Heartbeat Bears as a way to record and save that precious sound for a long time. Capture this precious moment forever, and share the love with family and friends who couldn’t be there in person. Let UC Baby help you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.