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Despite the reluctance of some couples to find out the gender, hearing the comments from friends, co-workers, and relatives about the “possible gender” could not be avoided. Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailPrint

When you hear that heartbeat, you suddenly understand what it means to love someone for the rest of your life. Save that beautiful sound in our Heartbeat Bears® ~ UC Baby   Share:Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailPrint

  Most often we say ‘thank-you’ when another person does something for us or gives something to us. But how often have we stopped with our daily routine to just look around and appreciate what we already have? How often have we whispered “thank-you” while watching our children sleep? How often have we whispered “thank-you” […]

They say that ‘Motherhood’ changes you.’  It changes your way of seeing things. It changes your priorities in life. It changes the way you appreciate other people around you. Motherhood teaches you a kind of love you never knew existed. Yes, you love your parents and you love your spouse. But you realize the that your […]

 1-   3D ultrasound can not be done in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy: It can be done from the beginning of the pregnancy but babies are very small at the early stage and they look like beans with tiny arms / legs. You can not see face features. 2-   3D Ultrasound uses more powerful […]