Happy Thanksgiving

Most often we say ‘thank-you’ when another person does something for us or gives something to us. But how often have we stopped with our daily routine to just look around and appreciate what we already have?

How often have we whispered “thank-you” while watching our children sleep?
How often have we whispered “thank-you” when we touching our pregnant belly?
How often have we whispered “thank-you” when we see our kids arrive from school?

The list of things we should be thankful for is endless. And if we look at our families with eyes of filled with gratitude for every day we are together, we would be overwhelmed by this greatest gift of life.

Our life and the life we have given birth to, is the greatest gift of existence. Conception, pregnancy, and motherhood should be celebrated with gratitude.  It is a GIFT.   Motherhood is both giving a gift and receiving a gift.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the mothers and soon-to-be mommies out there!