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There are an increasing number of messages and news claiming a link between COVID-19 and the new 5G networks. 5G technology transmits wireless signals with much higher speed to improve telecommunications and mobile connectivity. There are number of theories about this link. However, none of them have any scientific proof.

We acknowledge hazardous health effects and fears of 5G but the science-based concern is coming from long term exposure leading to chronic diseases and cancer, the most sensitive age group being children and young adults.

Let’s examine each of these theories and find out if there is any logic to support it.


Blog UC Baby BB Blankets COVID19 042020

COVID-19 and 5G Connection Claim 1:

Health hazards of 5G is suppressing our immune systems. That causes most of us get severely sick without proper functioning immune system and with brief exposure to COVID-19, can be deadly for some of us.

This can’t be supported by any data yet. But I can say at least Belgium and South Korea can be the countries to look for this claim. Belgium is the one of the first country in Europe to ban 5G technology before it enters in 2019.

Today, it has one of the highest COVID-19 infected cases and deaths per capita. Whereas South Korea widely implemented 5G technology even before China, reportedly 80% of telecommunication in Seoul is done through 5G technology. Controversially, It has very controlled number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. Their ranking is dropping down in the international list as other countries without any 5G towers are having fast increasing number of cases and deaths.

COVID-19 and 5G Connection Claim #2

Coronavirus is just a hoax and that it is a cover up to prevent the public to learn that 5G has killer effect on human beings. They claim all the governments are hiding this information. Some of the believers of this theory even went too far and damaged the local 5G tower in their neighbourhood in UK. That left many essential services including hospital without internet connection.

The data about the COVID-19 infected numbers do not support this theory. The infection has its typical characteristics. It spreads from person to person after 5-14 days of exposure. The numbers from Africa, Middle East, Faeroe Islands and cruise ships are all increasing. These are the places that 5G technology hasn’t entered yet. Plus, it is impossible for so many governments to come together and cover up something which brought such a devastating global health crisis in such a short time.

COVID-19 and 5G Connection Claim #3

The coronavirus had mutation and changed its habit for infecting people under the effect of 5G signals. But the virus is traced back by scientists to the bats, it’s regular host. We don’t know how reliable that tracing is, but there is no other explanation how we saw the first outbreak from Wuhan, China.

If 5G can cause mutation of the viruses so fast, then we should be able to see behavioural changes on other viruses and even bacteria where the 5G towers are more dense. We have abundant amount of viruses around our natural environment. We should see the same effect on them as well.

In many instances, peaked local infections traced back to specific individuals or group events. That also makes the idea that 5G could cause coronavirus outbreaks impossible to believe. These theories are generated by people who don’t look into the logical and scientific facts of the problem. But they get some attention from their communities by igniting the fear and panic.

How does the COVID-19 virus attack our bodies?

Let me explain how the aggressive virus attacks our bodies. Once COVID-19 has penetrated a host cell, it begins replicating the way all viruses do. The healthy cells are forced to manufacture more copies of the virus, which spill out of the original host cell into the body. The host’s natural balance is compromised and it starts using its own defence system.

Overloaded immune system causes the symptoms, since COVID-19 attacks mainly respiratory system. The lungs’ main function of bringing oxygen to the body is compromised and eventually, all the cells and organs lose their function, causing death.

Here is an actual photo of COVID-19 emerging from human cells cultured in the lab to give you a better understanding. (source:

COVID-19 Picture


Written by:

Tina Ureten, MD, RDMS, RDCS
Inventor of BB Weighted Blankets

*Published with permission from BB Weighted Blankets



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